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Nebraska Basketball Head Coach Tim Miles Says No Contact With New Mexico Yet

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Coach says he is focused solely on Nebrasketball.

Tim Miles David McGee

Earlier today, a TV station in Albuquerque, New Mexico stated that Nebraska basketball HC Tim Miles was contacted by New Mexico for their open Head Coach position.

Just a few minutes ago, Tim Miles told some media folks (specifically Chris Basnett of the Lincoln Journal Star) that he’s not a player in the New Mexico job.

The athletic director of New Mexico, Paul Krebs, fired HC Craig Neal at a really odd hour, releasing the news around 11 p.m. Central Friday night.

Miles, who has finished below .500 in all but one year at Nebraska, was seen as a candidate to take over the Lobos’ job. One train of thought is that Miles, who has seen three players leave the Husker program since the end of the season, could land with UNM as a soft landing as he’s going to be on a hot seat come 2017-18.

It doesn’t mean that Miles wouldn’t still be considered by the Lobos, notice that he’s stated that he hasn’t been contacted yet. However, the follow up statements could probably lock this down as not happening.

If something does, however, we’ll tell you about it.