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The Corn Nation and Big Red Cobcast Free Sh*t Give Away!

We are giving away free stuff...

Cobcast Ryan is an idiot. He doesn’t know how to run a contest. So I, Jon Johnston, decided to help him by joining forces with his super sweet podcast, which is by far the best Nebraska Cornhusker podcast in existence, to run the “Free Shit Give Away”.

As a responsible adult I know that other adults only want two things - free shit and sex. So we want you to know that there’s nothing more to it. It’s simple - Click the button, Enter to win free shit. Click it again, enter to win free shit. Come back tomorrow, click it again and enter to win free shit. Everything about this is free. We get free publicity, you get free shit. Free, free, free - just like America.

Also, if the response from this article one does better than Cobcast Ryan’s I get to rub it in his face. Which is a win for everybody. He’s so cocky and hard to deal with. He makes fun of the dent in my head that I got when died. THAT I GOT WHEN I DIED! He’s a real jerk.

So please help me show him that old men like myself still no what they’re talking about and that good old fashioned honesty is better than any California slick dickery he’s trying to pull and ALSO WIN FREE SHIT. Nebraska Rules and California sucks.

Leave all your hate for Cobcast Ryan in the comments so I can show it to him and hurt his feelings. I really hate that guy.