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Nebraska Football Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

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Keep up with all UDFA trackings here.

Gallery: Huskers Stun Spartans

Here is how you can keep track of all undrafted free agent signings of Nebraska players. We will be updating this as the weekend goes on.

Josh Banderas to the Denver Broncos!

Brandon Reilly to the Buffalo Bills (heaven help him)!!!!

Alonzo Moore is going to the Kansas City Chiefs per the Husker baseball radio broadcast.

Congratulations to Terrell Newby!!!

And good luck to Tommy Armstrong Jr!

Dylan Utter to the Vikings! What the hell is with the Vikings?

And now, Cethan Carter to the Cincinnati Bengals!


I have to wonder if Westerkamp’s injuries didn’t scare NFL teams. He didn’t work out at Nebraska’s pro day, but did work out for scouts on April 6.