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Nebraska’s Streak Of Multiple NFL Draft Picks Ends In 2017

It was a good run, but it has ended.

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

With the only selection of Nathan Gerry to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 5th round, the 2017 NFL Draft marks the end of Nebraska Football’s multiple players selected.

The streak, which started back in 1963, spanned 54 years. The last time Nebraska had less than one player drafted was in 1962, when no players went in the selection process.

Even with the lack of selection, I do anticipate multiple players taking undrafted free-agent jobs. However, all good things must come to an end.

Per, here’s the list of selected players, not including Gerry, in that whole streak.

2016 (4)

3rd Round - Vincent Valentine, DT, New England

3nd Round - Maliek Collins, DT, Dallas

4th Round - Alex Lewis, OT, Baltimore

6th Round - Andy Janovich, FB, Denver

2015 (3)

2nd Round - Ameer Abdullah, RB, Detroit

2nd Round - Randy Gregory, DE, Dallas

5th Round - Kenny Bell, WR, Tampa Bay

2014 (3)

2nd Round - Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, New Orleans

3rd Round - Spencer Long, OG, Washington

6th Round - Quincy Enunwa, WR, New York Jets

2013 (2)

6th Round - Rex Burkhead, RB, Cincinnati

7th Round - Daimion Stafford, SS, Tennessee

2012 (4)

2nd Round - Lavonte David, LB, Tampa Bay

4th Round - Jared Crick, DE, Houston

7th Round - Alfonzo Dennard, CB, New England

7th Round - Marcel Jones, OL, New Orleans

2011 (7)

1st Round - Prince Amukamara, CB, New York Giants

4th Round - Roy Helu Jr., RB, Washington

4th Round - Alex Henery, PK, Philadelphia

5th Round - DeJon Gomes, S, Washington

5th Round - Niles Paul, WR, Washington

6th Round - Keith Williams, OG, Pittsburgh

7th Round - Eric Hagg, S, Cleveland

2010 - (3)

1st round - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Detroit

4th round - Phillip Dillard, LB, N.Y. Giants

5th round - Larry Asante, S, Cleveland

2009 - (3)

5th round - Cody Glenn, LB, Washington

6th round - Matt Slauson, OL, New York

7th round - Lydon Murtha, OL, Detroit

2008 - (3)

5th round - Zackary Bowman, CB, Chicago

5th round - Carl Nicks, OL, New Orleans

6th round - Bo Ruud, LB, New England

2007- (4)

1st round - Adam Carriker, DE, St. Louis

2nd round - Brandon Jackson, IB, Green Bay

3rd round - Stewart Bradley, LB, Philadelphia

4th round - Jay Moore, DE, San Francisco

2006- (4)

2nd round - Daniel Bullocks, S, Detroit

6th round - Sam Koch, P, Baltimore

6th round - Le Kevin Smith, DT, New England

7th round - Titus Adams, DE, New York Jets

2005- (3)

1st round - Fabian Washington, CB, Oakland

2nd round - Barrett Ruud, LB, Tampa Bay

2nd round - Josh Bullocks, S, New Orleans

3rd round - Richie Incognito, OG, St. Louis

2004- (5)

4th round - Demorrio Williams, LB, Atlanta

6th round - Jammal Lord, FS, Houston

6th round - Josh Sewell, C, Denver

7th round - Ryon Bingham, DT, San Diego

7th round - Trevor Johnson, DE, New York Jets

2003- (4)

2nd round - Chris Kelsay, RE, Buffalo

4th round - DeJuan Groce, CB, St. Louis

7th round - Josh Brown, PK, Seattle

7th round - Scott Shanle, LB, St. Louis

2002- (4)

2nd round - Toniu Fonoti, OG, San Diego

3rd round - Eric Crouch, WR, St. Louis

4th round - Keyuo Craver, CB, New Orleans

7th round - Tracey Wistrom, TE, Tampa Bay

2001- (7)

2nd round - Kyle Vanden Bosch, RE, Arizona

2nd round - Dominic Raiola, C, Detroit

4th round - Carlos Polk, LB, San Diego

4th round - Correll Buckhalter, RB, Philadelphia

5th round - Russ Hochstein, OG, Tampa Bay

6th round - Bobby Newcombe, WR/Returns, Arizona

6th round - Dan Alexander, RB, Tennessee

2000- (3)

2nd round - Mike Brown, ROV, Chicago

3rd round - Steve Warren, DT, Green Bay

5th round - Ralph Brown, CB, New York Giants

1999 - (7)

2nd round - Mike Rucker, RE, Carolina

4th round - Joel Makovicka, RB, Arizona

4th round - Jason Wiltz, DL, New York Jets

5th round - Jay Foreman, LB, Buffalo

7th round - Chad Kelsay, LB, Pittsburgh

7th round - Kris Brown, PK, Pittsburgh

7th round - Sheldon Jackson, TE, Buffalo

1998- (6)

1st round - Grant Wistrom, DE, St. Louis

1st round - Jason Peter, DT, Carolina

3rd round - Scott Frost, QB, New York Jets

3rd round - Ahman Green, RB, Seattle

7th round - Aaron Taylor, OG, Indianapolis

7th round - Eric Warfield, DB, Kansas City

1997- (8)

1st round - Michael Booker, CB, Atlanta

2nd round - Jared Tomich, DE, New Orleans

2nd round - Mike Minter, S, Carolina

3rd round - Adam Treu, OT, Oakland

4th round - Chris Dishman, OT, Arizona

5th round - Jamel Williams, LB, Washington

5th round - Eric Stokes, FS, Seattle

7th round - Jon Hesse, LB, Jacksonville

1996- (6)

1st round - Lawrence Phillips, RB, St. Louis

3rd round - Tyrone Williams, CB, Green Bay

4th round - Aaron Graham, C, Arizona

5th round - Christian Peter, DT, New England

6th round - Doug Colman, LB, New York Giants

6th round - Tony Veland, FS, Denver

1995- (7)

2nd round - Zach Wiegert, OT, St. Louis

3rd round - Brenden Stai, OG, Pittsburgh

3rd round - Troy Dumas, LB, Kansas City

4th round - Rob Zatechka, OT, New York Giants

4th round - Donta Jones, OLB, Pittsburgh

6th round - Cory Schlesinger, FB, Detroit

6th round - Barron Miles, CB, Pittsburgh

1994- (5)

1st round - Trev Alberts, OLB, Indianapolis

2nd round - Toby Wright, ROV, Los Angeles Rams

3rd round - Calvin Jones, RB, Los Angeles Raiders

4th round - John Reece, FS, Arizona

7th round - Lance Lundberg, OT, New Orleans

1993- (6)

2nd round - John Parrella, DT, Buffalo

3rd round - Will Shields, OG, Kansas City

4th round - Derek Brown, RB, New Orleans

5th round - Tyrone Hughes, SE/DB, New Orleans

7th round - Travis Hill, OLB, Cleveland

7th round - Lance Lewis, FB, Indianapolis

1992- (7)

1st round - Johnny Mitchell, TE, New York Jets

3rd round - Tyrone Legette, CB, New Orleans

6th round - Nate Turner, TE, Buffalo

7th round - Jon Bostick, SE, Denver

7th round - Curtis Cotton, CB, Los Angeles Raiders

11th round - Mike Petko, LB, New England

12th round - Keithen McCant, QB, Cleveland

1991- (6)

1st round - Bruce Pickens, DB, Atlanta

1st round - Mike Croel, LB, Denver

8th round - Kenny Walker, DT, Denver

8th round - Pat Tyrance, LB, Los Angeles Rams

9th round - Tahaun Lewis, DB, Los Angeles Raiders

11th round - Joe Sims, DT, Atlanta

1990- (5)

3rd round - Jeff Mills, LB, San Diego

6th round - Kent Wells, DT, Washington

8th round - Ken Clark, RB, Indianapolis

8th round - Gerry Gdowski, QB, New Orleans

12th round - Richard Bell, RB, Pittsburgh

1989- (7)

1st round - Broderick Thomas, LB, Tampa Bay

5th round - Lawrence Pete, NT, Detroit

8th round - Dana Brinson, WR, San Diego

9th round - Tim Jackson, DB, Dallas

10th round - Todd Millikan, TE, Chicago

11th round - Willie Griffin, DT, Tampa Bay

12th round - Steve Taylor, QB, Indianapolis

1988- (7)

1st round - Neil Smith, DT, Kansas City

4th round - Tim Rother, DE, Los Angeles Raiders

6th round - Keith Jones, RB, Los Angeles Rams

8th round - Keith Neubert, TE, New York Jets

10th round - Brian Washington, DB, Cleveland

11th round - Hendley Hawkins, WR, Cleveland

11th round - Steve Forch, LB, Chicago

1987- (4)

1st round - Danny Noonan, DT, Dallas

2nd round - Brian Davis, CB, Washington

4th round - Marc Munford, LB, Denver

9th round - Stan Parker, OG, New York Giants

1986- (4)

3rd round - Tom Rathman, FB, San Francisco

3rd round - Jim Skow, DE, Cincinnati

7th round - Paul Miles, RB, Seattle

7th round - Bill Lewis, C, Los Angeles Raiders

1985 regular phase-(6)

2nd round - Mark Traynowicz, C, Buffalo

2nd round - Mark Behning, OT, Pittsburgh

7th round - Bret Clark, DB, Los Angeles Raiders

9th round - Scott Strasburger, LB, Dallas

10th round - Jeff Smith, RB, Kansas City

12th round - Shane Swanson, WR, Cleveland

1984 regular phase-(3)

1st round - Irving Fryar, WR, New England

1st round - Dean Steinkuhler, OT, Houston

6th round - Scott Raridon, OT, Philadelphia

1984 supplemental phase-(3)

1st round - Mike Rozier, RB, Houston

3rd round - Turner Gill, QB, New York Jets

3rd round - Mark Schellen, RB, San Francisco

1983- (7)

1st round - Dave Rimington, C, Cincinnati

2nd round - Roger Craig, RB, San Francisco

3rd round - Jamie Williams, TE, New York Giants

6th round - Todd Brown, WR, Detroit

10th round - Jeff Merrell, NT, San Francisco

10th round - Toby Williams, DE, New England

10th round - Bruce Mathison, QB, San Diego

1982- (5)

1st round - Jimmy Williams, LB, Detroit

3rd round - Rodney Lewis, DB, New Orleans

7th round - Henry Waechter, DT, Chicago

7th round - Phil Bates, RB, Detroit

12th round - Tom Carlstrom, OG, New York Jets

1981- (7)

2nd round - Russell Gary, DB, New Orleans

2nd round - Andra Franklin, RB, Miami

2nd round - Jarvis Redwine, RB, Minnesota

4th round - Derrie Nelson,LB, Dallas

9th round - John Noonan, WR, Miami

9th round - Randy Schleusener, OG, Cleveland

12th round - Joe Adams, OG, St. Louis

1980- (10)

1st round - Junior Miller, TE, Atlanta

3rd round - Tim Smith, WR, Houston

3rd round - Rod Horn, DT, Cincinnati

3rd round - Bill Barnett, DT, Miami

4th round - I.M. Hipp, RB, Atlanta

5th round - Dan Pensick, DT, Kansas City

7th round - John Havekost, OG, Denver

9th round - Kelly Saalfeld, C, Green Bay

9th round - Mark Goodspeed, OT, Miami

10th round - Kenny Brown, WR, Minnesota

1979- (8)

1st round - George Andrews, LB, Los Angeles Rams

1st round - Kelvin Clark, OT, Denver

3rd round - Barney Cotton, OG, Cincinnati

3rd round - Rick Berns, RB, Tampa Bay

6th round - Steve Lindquist, OG, Miami

7th round - Lee Kunz, LB, Chicago

10th round - Frank Lockett, WR, Green Bay

11th round - Randy Poeschl, DT, Cleveland

1978- (8)

2nd round - Brett Moritz, OG, Tampa Bay

3rd round - Stan Waldemore, OT, Atlanta

4th round - Dodie Donnell, RB, New York Jets

5th round - Ken Spaeth, TE, Buffalo

6th round - Tom Davis, C, Oakland

7th round - Mark Dufresne, TE, Pittsburgh

8th round - Monte Anthony, RB, Baltimore

10th round - Greg Jorgensen, OG, New York Giants

1977- (6)

2nd round - Mike Fultz, DT, New Orleans

4th round - Vince Ferragamo, QB, Los Angeles Rams

5th round - Ray Phillips, LB, Cincinnati

6th round - Ron Pruitt, DE, Buffalo

7th round - Bob Lingenfelter, OT, Cleveland

11th round - Dave Butterfield, DB, New York Jets

1976- (11)

3rd round - Rik Bonness, LB, Oakland

4th round - Tony Davis, RB, Cincinnati

4th round - Wonder Monds, DB, Pittsburgh

6th round - Bob Martin, LB, New York Jets

8th round - Jim Burrow, DB, Green Bay

11th round - Dean Gissler, DT, Washington

12th round - John O-Leary, RB, Chicago

13th round - Brad Jenkins, TE, Tampa Bay

13th round - John Lee, DT, San Diego

14th round - Larry Mushinski, TE, Dallas

16th round - Rich Costanzo, OG, Dallas

1975- (12)

1st round - Tom Ruud, LB, Buffalo

2nd round - Bob Nelson, LB, Buffalo

4th round - John Starkebaum, LB, New Orleans

5th round - Dave Humm, QB, Oakland

6th round - Don Westbrook, WR, Baltimore

6th round - Mark Doak, OT, Washington

6th round - Tom Alward, OG, New York Jets

6th round - Marvin Crenshaw, OT, Pittsburgh

11th round - Ardell Johnson, DB, Washington

14th round - Ritch Bahe, WR, St. Louis

16th round - Dennis Pavelka, OT, Washington

17th round - Stan Hegener, OG, Pittsburgh

1974- (7)

1st round - John Dutton, DT, Baltimore

4th round - Steve Manstedt, DE, Houston

6th round - Daryl White, OT, Cincinnati

6th round - Maury Damkroger, RB, New England

8th round - Frosty Anderson, WR, New Orleans

9th round - Bob Wolfe, OT, Miami

13th round - Ralph Powell, RB, Atlanta

1973- (10)

1st round - Johnny Rodgers, WR, San Diego

2nd round - Willie Harper, LB, San Francisco

2nd round - Monte Johnson, DT, Oakland

3rd round - Bill Olds, RB, Baltimore

3rd round - Rich Glover, DT, New York Giants

5th round - Doug Dumler, C, New England

8th round - Joe Blahak, DB, Houston

8th round - Bill Janssen, OT, Pittsburgh

10th round - Dave Mason, DB, Minnesota

11th round - Jerry List, RB, Oakland

1972- (6)

1st round - Jerry Tagge, QB, Green Bay

1st round - Jeff Kinney, RB, Kansas City

1st round - Larry Jacobson, DT, New York Giants

5th round - Carl Johnson, OT, New Orleans

8th round - Van Brownson, QB, Baltimore

10th round - Keith Wortman, OG, Green Bay

1971- (4)

2nd round - Joe Orduna, RB, San Francisco

3rd round - Bob Newton, OT, Chicago

8th round - Paul Rogers, K, Pittsburgh

11th round - Dan Schneiss, TE, New England

1970 - (8)

7th round - Jim McFarland, TE, St. Louis

7th round - Ken Geddes, LB, Detroit

8th round - Dana Stephenson, DB, Chicago

8th round - Mike Wynn, DE/DT, Oakland

10th round - Frank Patrick, TE, Green Bay

15th round - Bob Liggett, DT, Kansas City

16th round - Mike Green, RB, San Diego

17th round - Glenn Patterson, C, Dallas

1969 - (2)

7th round - James Hawkins, DB, Los Angeles

12th round - Dick Davis, RB, Cleveland

1968 - (3)

4th round - Wayne Meylan, LB, Cleveland

5th round - Ben Gregory, RB, Buffalo

7th round - Bob Taucher, OT, Dallas

1967 - (5)

3rd round - Harry Wilson, HB, Philadelphia

4th round - Carel Stith, OT, Houston

9th round - Ron Kirkland, HB, Baltimore

10th round - Pete Tatman, FB, Minnesota

13th round - Kaye Carstens, DB, Chicago

1966 - (8)

2nd round - Walt Barnes, T, Washington

3rd round - Tony Jeter, E, Green Bay

3rd round - Bob Pickens, OT, Chicago (future)

12th round - Dick Czap, OT, Cleveland (future)

13th round - James Brown, G, St. Louis

16th round - Lynn Senkbeil, LB, Chicago (future)

19th round - Dick Fitzgerald, T, San Francisco (future)

1965- (3)

3rd round - Kent McCloughan, B, Washington

12th round - John Strohmyer, T, Washington (future)

l9th round - Preston Love, B, Detroit

1964- (9)

1st round - Bob Brown, G, Philadelphia

1st round - Lloyd Voss, T, Green Bay

5th round - Rudy Johnson, B, San Francisco

5th round - John Kirby, LB, Minnesota

9th round - Willie Ross, B, St. Louis

9th round - Larry Kramer, T, Baltimore (future)

15th round - Monte Kiffin, T, Minnesota

18th round - Robert Jones, G, Washington

20th round - Bob Hohn, HB, Los Angeles (future)

1963- (3)

3rd round - Dennis Claridge, B, Green Bay (future)

5th round - Bill Thornton, B, St. Louis

11th round - Dave Theisen, B, Los Angeles (future)