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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Football In The NFL Draft, Do We Really Care About Women?

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The NFL Draft is today... and then there’s the story of Larry Nassar. Have you heard about it?

Ameer Abdullah

I’ll admit that for years I’ve poo-poo’ed talk about how many players Nebraska has had taken in the NFL draft.

“Great college players don’t necessarily make great NFL players”, I’d say. “It’s a different game.”

This applied to mostly quarterbacks, of course. Nebraska’s great quarterbacks, Turner Gill, Tommie Frazier, Eric Crouch, or whomever else you want to include on the list, were not going to make great pro quarterbacks. (Maybe Vince Ferragamo, but I’m guessing that’s wayyyy before the time of most of the demographics here at CN.)

The NFL draft starts tonight, and Nebraska fans will face the possibility that the streak of Nebraska players drafted might end this season, a streak that’s been going on since 1963. Cethan Carter, Nathan Gerry, and Jordan Westerkamp are the most likely Nebraska players to be drafted... but I wouldn’t hold my breath on them either.

Might Terrell Newby be added to the number of Nebraska backs you see above? No. Maybe he’ll get a chance somewhere as a undrafted free agent, but he’s not getting drafted.

Ameer Abdullah and Rex Burkhead were the most recent additions to the list of Nebraska running backs drafted.

Alex Lewis was drafted last season by the Baltimore Ravens. One wondered whether he’d make it in the NFL, given some of the antics he pulled at Nebraska, but he played in 10 games for the Ravens last season, starting eight at guard. I’m happy for you, Alex Lewis. I hope you have a long, productive, injury-free career.

No offensive linemen this year for Nebraska.

Are you surprised to see Nebraska so high on this list? Probably not. Maybe if the list was shortened to the last 10 years or so, but, hey, that’s not as much fun is it?

Maliek Collins and Vincent Valentine were both drafted in 2016, both going in Round Three with Collins going to the Dallas Cowboys and Valentine going to the Patriots. Valentine now has a Super Bowl ring, while Collins finished second on the Cowboys last season with five sacks.

It’s pretty clear Nebraska needs a talent upgrade if we’re to win championships. Mike Riley’s recruiting process is starting to take hold, but it will take time for players to come into the system, develop, play and win games.

Will Nebraska’s fan base maintain the patience necessary for this to happen, and will the coaches be good enough? Those are the two questions that really remain.

You should really watch this... about Keith Williams, our wide receiver coach.

Do We Really Care About Women?

Doctor at center of USA Gymnastics scandal left warning signs at Michigan State - The Washington Post

More than 100 women have filed sexual assault complaints against Larry Nassar, who had been a celebrity of sports medicine.

Were you aware of this story?

I have to admit that I was not until I saw this headline yesterday. I was shocked at my own ignorance, but I wondered... am I that ignorant, or is this story not getting as much coverage because it’s not about college football, but about women’s gymnastics, a sport that doesn’t feed your ego?

Google “Larry Nassar” and you can read more. Obvious comparisons to Jerry Sandusky at Penn State come to mind, but here with Nassar we have (allegedly) evidence of videos Nassar made of himself molesting young girls and child pornography. We also have what appears to be around 100 victims.

So why hasn’t this gotten more play in the media? If you’re not aware of it, why? Because it’s not football? Because Nassar doesn’t have the celebrity of Penn State or Joe Paterno to drive the story? Should those things matter?


Here’s why ESPN had mass layoffs today - Recode

Its content costs are rising as it pays ever-increasing fees for rights to show college and pro sports. But its subscriber base is shrinking as pay TV customers cut the cord or never sign up for it in the first place.

Twitter was all over with people who were being laid off by ESPN. They appear to be mostly reporters, and few talking, or, really, screaming heads, so if you’re one of the people who like to tune in and watch sports content (kind of) where people scream at each other it’s good news. If you wanted actual content, well, it’s not at ESPN.

I haven’t watched anything but live events on ESPN for a while now... for several years, actually. I don’t go to the ESPN web site - this is a habit I formed years ago because of their damned autoplay videos. I could not tell you much about their on-air personalities because I don’t care about them.

Twitter co-founder to deliver commencement address | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Internet entrepreneur Ev Williams won't have to worry about a character count when he offers advice to May graduates at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Williams, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter and founder and CEO of Medium, will deliver the undergraduate commencement address at Nebraska May 6 at Pinnacle Bank Arena, 400 Pinnacle Arena Drive

I’ve always wondered what he thought about creating Twitter. Maybe he’s made himself richer, but he’s also made the entire planet a much dumber place to live. Maybe his vision was for something better, but it’s become a place where people just dump their unfettered thoughts and express their fake outrage.

I wonder what advice he’ll give at the commencement. STAY THE FUCK OFF TWITTER! IT’S A HELLHOLE!

American Ballet Theatre, St. Louis Symphony to present 'Firebird' at Lied | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

One of the world's top dance companies, American Ballet Theatre, will unite with the seven-time Grammy-winning musicians of the St. Louis Symphony for two performances Feb. 16 and 17, 2018, at the Lied Center for Performing Arts.

This is a pretty big deal. I don’t know much about ballet, , but the idea that this is coming to Lincoln IS AN ENORMOUS THING. I’d suggest you go.

Here's a way to get kids to eat veggies that isn’t off the wall | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
New research suggests youngsters may eat more vegetables if they become poster children for healthy eating – quite literally, in fact.

Carriker Chronicles Interviews Nate Gerry

Gerry answers questions about the NFL draft, AND why he was ruled ineligible for the bowl game.

Nebraska Baseball is in the Field of 64

D1Baseball has Nebraska as a #3 seed in Corvallis, Oregon. That would be... interesting.

Why you’ll never know who hacked Laremy Tunsil -
His NFL stock was sabotaged on draft night, yet no one — not Ole Miss, the Miami Dolphins, or Tunsil himself — stands to benefit from IDing who did it.

The Day Jim Harbaugh Met The Pope - Maize n Brew
Jim Harbaugh gave the Pope a custom Michigan helmet and pair of Jordan’s. Never thought I’d write that sentence.

2017 NFL mock draft: The final version has Myles Garrett at No. 1 -
Despite the rumors, Cleveland has to take Garrett while four QBs go in the first

Michigan's Jake Butt given truckload of toilet paper |