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Big Red Cobcast: Decoding the Cobcast With Hoss Reuter

It’s an episode of returns as Hoss Reuter comes back to give the guys a real opinion on the Nebraska football spring game.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, we did a spring game recap last week. But with kids bouncing off the walls and passable parenting overriding acceptable analysis, we needed to cleanse our palates with a real spring game podcast this week.

So this week, we brought back Corn Nation’s own Hoss Reuter. And just like last time, it’s a very special late-night edition of the Big Red Cobcast. So besides in-depth analysis of the quarterback race, offensive line play and liquor levels in the Railyard a week and a half ago, we also got into some important topics, such as haircuts popularized by Nebraska quarterbacks and white supremacists, levels of sexual arousal during the spring game and what level of physical punishment is allowable in parenting.

I’ll be honest. I don’t envy Hoss when he comes onto the Cobcast. For one, it’s usually in the middle of the night in the central time zone when we’re talking to him. But also, we go a million different places. But Hoss is always game. And he even somewhat graciously accepts Tweedy’s mispronunciation of his name (unless a certain Brian Towle).

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Cobcast. There are no screaming children. There is only Hoss Reuter’s intelligent takes on Nebraska football (and maybe the occasional random venting/tangent courtesy of Tweedy and myself).

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