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Mike Riley: Nebraska Has “Nine Commits”, Expecting A 10th In 24 Hours

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HC MR dropping some interesting knowledge Thursday

David McGee

On his weekly call-in show on the University of Nebraska’s radio show Sports Nightly, Nebraska HC Mike Riley dropped this dime in the final segment of his show:

One problem though... Nebraska only has seven currently known verbals, not 10.

Well then, that means a couple things:

1) First off, that means that Nebraska has two “silent” verbals right now in their class. That could mean anything like a Joshua Moore or a Calvin Avery, who were both at the spring game. I would wager that Mario Goodrich would be one of those silents, however it’s interesting that he hasn’t committed yet.

2) That also means that the Huskers could be expecting another rash of verbals very soon. Along with Goodrich, the Huskers are awaiting the decision of kicker Barret Pickering.

Along with the number of commits the Huskers are expecting to get, 15 would be an affixed number at this time, however one would bet that the number goes up to 17-18 kids.

Attrition would have to happen to get the number bigger. One thing I did notice on Thursday is that OL Dwayne Johnson, who hasn’t been on the starting 105-man roster in fall camp the last two seasons, is not on the active Nebraska roster at this time. Johnson, who picked the Huskers over Arkansas and Oklahoma out of HS, has only appeared in two games for Nebraska, both last season.