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Wednesday’s Flakes: Where Does Nebraska’s 2018 Recruiting Class Go After This Weekend?

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The weekend was large, but the implied ramifications can last the whole class & beyond.

David McGee

Good morning! Jill had some of that real job stuff she had to deal with today, so I’m pinch hitting on the Flakes.

Since we’re just off the weekend, let’s take a gander in what Nebraska’s Spring Game weekend brought to the program:

Brendan Radley-Hiles: Verbal
Manuel Allen: Verbal
Tate Wildeman: Verbal
‘19 WR Marquez Beason: Verbal

Now, not only did the Huskers become a borderline top 10 class this weekend with verbals, but Nebraska made themselves lead or get up there with several kids:

Kicker Barret Pickering
Athlete Mario Goodrich (Neb sees him as a DB)
WR Joshua Moore
DT Calvin Avery (Neb’s CB here has exploded)

Now, if you’re wondering about the top beef of the class that committed a whole while back, don’t be.

I mean, that’s pretty good!

I’m still in the camp that Pickering & Goodrich should be your next 2 verbals to the ‘18 class. If that’s the case, then Nebraska’s done pretty well of the Spring Game weekend.

MEANWHILE: The NCAA announced championship venues in their sports yesterday, and if you’re a Nebraska Volleyball fan, you’re in luck.

Far as March Madness, the NCAA Basketball Tournament will be in Omaha at the CenturyLink Center in 2020 for the Second/Third Rounds of the Men’s Basketball Tournament. The next year, Second/Third Round games will be in Wichita. Meanwhile, in 2019 the Spring Center in Kansas City will host a Midwest Final.

So maybe, JUST MAYBE, Nebrasketball can get that first NCAA victory in one of those spots? I mean, it’s not much to ask I would think.

Also, the NCAA Bowling Championships will be at AMF Pro Bowl in North Kansas City, Missouri in 2020. Would be ideal for Nebraska to make that tournament and have some major fan support head down the road.

- There was another release for the Nebraska Women’s Basketball team yesterday.

I wouldn’t look too much into this one as it looks like Cascio just wants that scholarship. Seems fair to me on that aspect to go look.

- Former Nebraska TE verbal Reese Leitao, who signed with Texas, is in trouble with the law. He was charged with possession of a controled substance with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of a school. On the last day of February, Leitao was arrested with 20 Xanax & over $1300 dollars.

It’s hard to see Leitao making it on a college football field with all the hoops he’s got to jump through. At the very least, he won’t be playing with Texas next year.

- Former Florida & New England TE Aaron Hernandez was found in his cell early this morning in Massachusetts. The Mass. Dept. of Corrections says he committed suicide. His murder conviction of Odin Lloyd may be voided due to his death.

- Tennis superstar Serena Williams is pregnant.