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The Morning After: Nebraska’s Red/White Spring Game

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How hot are the takes this morning? Let’s find out!

David McGee/CN

Tom Shatel, Omaha World-Herald: It’s not make or break time, but it’s time for Mike Riley’s system to produce.

The question to Riley was, “Is this where you thought you’d be going into your third year?” The answer was most interesting.

Riley said, “I would like to say yes. ... I feel good about the team and its energy for football.

“But when you are transitioning the skill set of the quarterback, are you as far along as you would be if this skill set had been there right from the start? Probably not.

“But we like the talent. This is going to be kind of like starting again.”

The quote was an eye-opener because, in his first two years, Riley rarely went there.

It’s not his personality. And it served no purpose.

Steven Sipple, Lincoln Journal-Star: Strong-armed Lee aces final exam and has distinct look of starter

Let's keep this vanilla, the flavor of the day Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

After all, there's seemingly nothing complicated about Nebraska's quarterback situation.

So, just understand this: Tanner Lee enjoyed himself.

Big deal, right?

Well, it is a big deal because you wondered how well he would handle playing in front of a massive crowd — in this case, the 78,312 who showed up for the Red-White Spring Game.

"It was a lot of fun," Lee said. "I was joking with some of the guys that it was the first time I played in front of a big crowd that was on my side."

Lee Barfknecht, Omaha World-Herald: “Nebraska’s Danny Woodhead” lives up to his name during Nebraska’s Spring game

The football player Nebraska coach Mike Riley likes to call “our Danny Woodhead” showed at Saturday’s Red-White game why that nickname isn’t just for fun.

Wyatt Mazour, a sophomore walk-on from Albion, Nebraska, flashed his running, pass-catching and tackle-breaking skills while rushing six times for 60 yards and a touchdown and hauling in six passes for 81 yards.

Mazour’s stocky stature and low center of gravity at 5-foot-9 and 195 pounds — plus his speed bursts — can bring to mind Woodhead, a Division II All-American at Chadron State who is entering his ninth NFL season.

After the game, at least a dozen reporters surrounded Mazour, bringing a big smile from Riley as he returned to his office.

“Oh, my goodness. Look at that guy!” Riley exclaimed at the scene. “Nice job, Wyatt.”