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Gallery: Nebraska Spring Game 2017

NU Head Coach Mike Riley looks on as the Huskers conduct the annual Red-White scrimmage.
David McGee

If you go to the ice cream aisle at your favorite grocery store and pick vanilla off the shelf, then the 2017 Nebraska Spring Game was just for you. The new 3-4 defense first-year defensive coordinator has been installing and all the local media had been raving about remained largely under wraps, sorry Arkansas State. The Big Red faithful got their first glimpse of what the new offense might look like as gunslingers Tanner Lee, Patrick O’Brien and Tristan Gebbia got to showcase their wares in front of more than 78,000 Husker fans.

The scoreboard says the Red team manhandled the White to a tune of 55-7. It may have only served as a reminder that a Nebraska football team could win by such a large margin of victory. It’s been since 2012 that NU has beaten a team by 48 points or more. It is still possible for the numbers to be that disparate in NU’s favor. If nothing else, maybe that’s the biggest thing we can take away from today’s game.