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Nebraska Bowling: Championship Open Thread vs. McKendree

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The Huskers go for NCAA title #6 tonight live!

Flag in cornfield

For the 5th straight year, the Nebraska Bowling team will bowl tonight for a National Championship on ESPNU.

The Huskers had a hell of a day on Saturday. First off, they bowled Sam Houston State in the elimination part of the bracket. They appeared to have the win after defeating the Bearkats in Game 7. HOWEVER, THE RULES WERE BROKEN.

Well, that’s a bad rule break, so by rule the game is halved, and you go on. BUT, since the match ended at 3.5 per team, a five frame rolloff ensued. Nebraska was victorious on that aspect though.

That gave Nebraska the chance to beat Vanderbilt twice to make the TV show. And they delivered.

Then, with the match knotted up at 2.5 wins each, Nebraska anchor Julia Bond came up clutch.

That propelled Nebraska to a 4.5-2.5 win on the match, putting them on the TV show tonight.

They will take on a McKendree team that, while they are a Div 2 school, have shined big time this week. Not only did they lead qualifying, they’re undefeated in Match Play as well.

McKendree is coached by Shannon O’Keefe, who is not only a great bowler, but also the D2 coach of the year. Her husband is Bryan O’Keefe, who is a Nebraska Bowling alum & the current coach of Junior Team USA.

Nebraska has gotten this far with a B+ game so far, and quite honestly they are going to have to step up & use the experience of bowling on TV and the lights to get by. McKendree is no joke this week.

This is your thread. Watch the 1-2-3 spots for Nebraska, as they go, so goes Nebraska. Clean games are good, strikes help.

Who: Nebraska vs. McKendree

Where: Raising Canes RiverCenter, Baton Rouge, Lousiana

TV: ESPNU at 5:30 Central

Streaming: WatchESPN