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Nebraska Football 2017 Red/White Spring Game: Three Things From Red’s 55-7 Win

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The Huskers played football, and we saw some things and not a lot of others.

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers had their Red/White scrimmage in front of 78,214 paying patrons at Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

While folks had fun and got their football and tailgating fix on, there were things to see and talk about with the game.

Before the game even started, the great moment of the day happened when the family of Staff Sgt. Matthew Hawke were surprised on the field with the reunion of Matthew, who had been in Afghanistan the past 10 months.

As the game started, the Red team went up and down the field at time, however scoring was slow. Which means there were decent spots by the White team. With most of the 1’s and 2’s on the Red team, the final score really shows the bit of separation on the depth charts.

There were a few things that Nebraska showed, but the talk during the Summer is what the Huskers didn’t show. What did we see?

1. All three scholarship quarterbacks were good, but Tanner Lee probably has the edge.

All three scholarship QB’s got some action, and the most was Tristan Gebbia. The early enrollee freshman from Calibraska. He played the entire game, mostly with the White squad but some with the Red. Gebbia did have some really good throws through the entire workout. Granted, he’s still a true freshman, and this is all you’ll probably see of him till next spring, but it was a pretty good 24 of 39 for 283 yards, with 1 passing TD, 1 interception & 1 rushing TD.

However, most folks were paying attention to the Tanner Lee vs. Patrick O’Brien race. You can tell the raw talent of O’Brien and some of his throws were very idea. He finished the game 6 of 10 for 76 yards.

Tanner Lee had most of the throws in the game for the Red, however, and you saw why. I wouldn’t say that Lee is the next coming of a Heisman winner, but he showed some very good tosses, highlighted by the TD pass to J.D. Spielman above. Lee finished the game 13-19 for 190 yards for 3 TD’s on Saturday.

2. Bob Diaco didn’t lie when he said you’re not going to see much today.

Back on Tuesday of this week, Diaco himself said that folks wouldn’t be able to study much of the 3-4 scheme this week, and buddy he wasn’t kidding. Nebraska played on both sides of the ball in a 4-2-5 scheme, which does kind of mirror what Nebraska played with Mark Banker during his time in Lincoln.

I wouldn’t say that the defense was great by all means, however you could tell that the 1’s were better on the field. Player of the game would be Luke Gifford, who had a strip of Keyshawn Johnson Jr. as well as a nifty one-handed interception.

I don’t know if you can take much on the offensive line either in the game, considering that the defensive line wasn’t much of what they were looking at for the majority of camp. Diaco better have a clean fall camp, or else folks will wonder why he didn’t get this 3-4 on the field during this scrimmage.

3. Some folks stood out during the scrimmage, and no major injuries.

All three running backs looked alright during the scrimmage. Tre Bryant and Mikale Wilbon got some carries, and Devine Ozigbo combined for 110 yards on 13 carries. There were decent numbers put up by Wyatt Mazour and Austin Rose, which can only help the depth of the RB position.

Wideouts-wise, Spielman was your best look of the day with a injured Stanley Morgan Jr. & Jaevon McQuitty. Tyler Hoppes & David Engelhaupt looked all right at the tight end position. Furthermore, we saw a fair amount of checkdowns, screens and quick outs. They were in the playbook with Tommy Armstrong Jr., but they will be featured more with him out and the Lee/POB connection back there.