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Nebraska 2017 Spring Game - THE OPEN THREAD

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Join us before the darkness falls....

Cheerleaders - Iowa State 2006 Jon Johnston

Welcome to Corn Nation! This is our game thread for a glorified scrimmage that will be held in front of over 85,000 people who hunger for championship-level Husker football and most of whom have paid for a ticket for entry.

There’s nothing really wrong with this, of course, it isn’t so much Nebraska football as it is a statewide social event that informs all of us that we’re still together until someone brings up the triple option and fullback and everything comes apart all over again as it often does when discussing Husker football.

The rosters have been released!!!!!

Who are you for? What do you want to see?

I want to see the offenses crush the defenses. I want to see wide receivers on both teams running free and running backs smashing defenders into the ground. I want to see these things because I love offense, and I like Danny Langsdorf, and I want to see him succeed.

Tanner Lee or Patrick O’Brien? WHY NOT BOTH!!!!!

This is your (kind of ) game thread!!!!

Consider this your thread for baseball and softball and whatever else is going on today. Share your photos of your tailgate.