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Nebraska Football Spring Practice #14 Report

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It’s the last workout before Saturday’s scrimmage!

Your Nebraska Cornhuskers got after it one final time this afternoon. Practice number 14 was inside Memorial Stadium today, and had a couple of interested recruiting visitors. Brendan Radley-Hiles, Manuel Allen and Joshua Moore took in the workout as they are making a long weekend out of it.

After practice, HC Mike Riley laid out some parameters of Saturday’s scrimmage:

(turn the volume up)

That seems fine, to me at least. Get the first half in as regular as possible & second half buzzes along so folks don’t lose interest.

Also, seems like a tolerable tradeoff on special teams. Some live work but no big hitting.

Also, no odd scoring formats in this one, as in points for defensive stops and such. Sounds like straight-up football.

A couple of guys we were all hoping to see may not be live on Saturday, which would kinda stink.

Looks like 80,000 is doable this weekend if the rain holds off.