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Corn Flakes: Quarterback Play Is Where It’s At For Nebraska Fans

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The vast majority of you will watch the spring game to see the quarterbacks. That, and news!

The spring game is in two more sleeps, and the vast majority of you are interested in quarterback play. The athletic department informs us that as of Wednesday morning, 66,000 tickets had been sold and one must assume that the majority of them are coming to see quarterback play as well. There is no shock in this, especially after years of watching Nebraska quarterbacks who were decent enough at running but woefully inadequate at passing.

Perhaps Tanner Lee or Patrick O’Brien can look sharp enough in Saturday’s glorified scrimmage that they will brighten everyone’s enthusiasm for the 2017 season! If they don’t, one wonders if this crabbiness of the fan base will continue to persist and cast a cloud over what could be a very fun baseball season. Or bowling season, for that matter, as the bowling team has a shot at a national title (again).



Mike Riley repeats his recruiting call: Nebraska is 'America's Team'

There was a bit of laughter after he said it on Wednesday, but Mike Riley did mean it when he repeated on the Big Ten teleconference that Nebraska is “America’s team.”

Mike Riley Q&A: ‘I feel good about the team and its energy for football’ « Big Ten Network

Q: Is this where you thought you’d be going into your third year in Lincoln?

A: I would like to say “yes.” With some of the stuff we wanted to establish football-wise and in the program, I feel good about the team and its energy for football.

Blackshirts gleaning intensity from Diaco - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska’s first spring football practice on March 4 provided a glimpse of the spirit, excitement and passion Bob Diaco would begin instilling in the Blackshirts. Let sophomore defensive back Eric Lee Jr. explain. “One thing that stood out to me, he got so excited – I think one of the ‘backers contained the outside, or something – that he accidentally knocked the ball out of Tristan’s hands in the middle of the play,” Lee said, referring to freshman quarterback Tristan Gebbia.

Particle offers promise for vaccine in pill form | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

A microscopic corn-and-shrimp cocktail could eventually make DNA-based vaccinations and cancer-treating gene therapies an easier pill to swallow, according to new research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

'Guts and Glory: A Parasite Story' opens April 22 | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

"Guts and Glory" features a life-sized 100-foot whale tapeworm model, the largest parasite on Earth, and a 25-foot wall of real parasite research specimens highlighting the diverse sizes, shapes and lifestyles of parasites in the museum's collection.

Life-sized 100-foot whale tapeworm. WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO SEE THAT?

University offers 4,000-plus scholarships to Nebraska seniors | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The university has offered more than 4,000 university-wide scholarships to the 2017 high school graduating class from Nebraska high schools.

Out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death? Husker Recruiting Over the Past Five Years - Corn Nation

I'm probably not alone in feeling mixed emotions about our 2017 recruiting class. On the glass-half-full side of the ledger, we landed our first top 25 (23rd, to be exact) recruiting class since...

This is a fan post. You, too, can write a fan post. You can espouse your original thoughts to millions of other Husker fans. I haven’t taken the time to encourage this for a while, but you might enjoy it. Give it a shot!


Draft Deshaun Watson, says a college fan who barely cares about the NFL -

Hello. I cover college football and only pay attention to one NFL team. “NFL Draft expert” does not appear in my Twitter bio. I am unqualified to break down an NFL prospect’s intangibles based on his hat angle and can’t look at a YouTube highlight and immediately discern his ability to Read A Defense. All I can tell you is who was good at football in college.

I like this article largely because I identify closely with it. I watch the NFL Draftniks pick this guy or that, or talk about this player and that, and I find some of the crap they come up with incredibly amusing.

Kevin Wilson was one of the best OCs ever. Here’s how he’ll change Ohio State -

Tempo isn’t even the biggest new factor for the Buckeyes.

Nice article about football stuff.

At Wyoming, does Craig Bohl have another future NFL QB? -

The Cowboys have big names and a division title to defend.

Mike Gundy regrets that time he didn't strip his clothes off in protest of a bad call -

“I should have taken my shirt off and laid on the field and said we’re not playing anymore until we know for sure,” Gundy told The Oklahoman this spring. “But I thought I already had enough issues with things I have done in the past so I was going to be a nice guy. It cost me a game.”

Peyton Manning finally reveals what ‘Omaha’ meant -

The city loves him, too. “I’m a big deal in Omaha, Nebraska, now. I went there a couple of years ago, I got a key to the city.” “I always got Omaha if I need a place to live,” Manning said.

Perhaps he should have been yelling out a more luxurious town to retire in, if that’s the case.

It’s good enough for Warren Buffet...

LOOK: Tom Herman has hydration charts above Texas urinals - Burnt Orange Nation

How important is hydration to you? Not as important as it is to Tom Herman.

This sounds like a few Boy Scout camps I attended. Scouts didn’t have to have a gallon water bottle, but God forbid they were caught without a water cup that they kept attached to their belts like a canteen and could fill at water fountains around the camp.

Honestly, it sounds pretty stupid.

Tom Herman confirms pee-shaming at Texas - Burnt Orange Nation

But with 100-percent hydration for the first time on Tuesday, there was none.

Why does this giant Rice Owls mascot have a gun, a sword, and 2 hats and look like he’s about to drop the most fire mixtape of 1917? -

And look like he’s about to drop the most fire mixtape of 1917?

How proposed NCAA rules would hurt high school coaches and players -

The NCAA has proposed two rules directly relating to high school coaches, including one that governs when they can be hired and to what positions in the college ranks. It is set to vote on them in April.

How the "dead snap" is revolutionizing the quarterback-center exchange

One of the most frustrating things in football can be a botched snap, but a decades-old technique is suddenly gaining popularity and changing how the ball gets from the center to the quarterback.

Another “football” article!

Then There’s This

Should You Get the Guacamole on Your Burrito? A Price Analysis of Your Favorite Foods

For a more standard burrito ($9), the markup is a considerably higher 346% — roughly comparable to a burger. Aside from the meat ($0.67), cheese ($0.31), avocado ($0.28), and tortilla ($0.26), every other ingredient costs less than 20 cents. Garlic costs less less a penny per burrito.

Comedian Charlie Murphy Dead at 57 After Leukemia Battle |

Charlie Murphy, Eddie's older brother, and a successful standup comedian in his own right ... has died from leukemia according to his manager.

This sucks. We’ll always have Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.