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Nebraska Football Spring Practice #13 Report

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Bob Diaco compares the Red/White game Saturday to “Cats” the musical

Diaco David McGee/CN

The Nebraska Cornhusker football crew started the final week of spring workouts on Tuesday with get-together #13 at Memorial Stadium.

The Huskers focused the talk after practice, like every Tuesday workout, on the defensive side of the ball. That means DC Bob Diaco was on the microphone today, and he kinda went all over the place.

As far as actual football is concerned, it doesn’t seem like Diaco is going to spill many beans on this coming Saturday besides the basics.

If you’re looking for guys that Diaco himself notices stands out during today’s workout, check this out.

That is some great news about Aaron Williams, a kid who has all the mental makeup you want for safety yet seems to lack something physically. As far as Weber, the Omaha senior LB, he’s looking to make a difference this year like his sophomore year, when he tallied 49 total tackles.

Diaco also sounds like he’s not going to be too nervous come Saturday afternoon.

It’ll be interesting to see how guys like Stoltenberg and Carlos Davis handle the 0-1 technique on Saturday. Granted, you’ll be watching the back 7 probably more than anything, but if Nebraska’s D is basic and causing issues on the OL, that’ll be noted. Probably more for the OL “concerns” everyone seems to be having, but sure.

Speaking of the back 7, nickel back could have an answer.

With the talent that Lee was pumped up to have, he needs to get on the field in his third upcoming season in Lincoln. Since Josh Kalu seems to be entrenched at safety, Lee could be the backup to Chris Jones as well.

Thursday afternoon will mark the final regular practice for Nebraska, as they ramp up to the Red/White Scrimmage on Saturday afternoon to close out the spring period. The game will be broadcast live on BTN2go and later in the day on the Big Ten Network, as well as a replay on Easter Sunday on NET Nebraska.