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Create a Caption: Suh-per Man

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Give us your funniest, most clever caption for this photo!

Flying Ndamukong Suh

Our featured image from last week caused some bad memories to resurface. Fortunately, I’m fairly certain Terrell Newby hung on to the ball in the end zone.

Whose caption reigned supreme? Winner revealed below the image.

David McGee

Beltway Brett joins the repeat winner club with this:

Runner up was HuskerNYC25:

Swiper, NO Swiping!!!

Congratulations Brett! You are entered in our drawing this summer for a copy of Through These Gates and any other prizes I can round up.

This week’s image is an oldie but a goodie. It shows former Husker great Ndamukong Suh flying at a quarterback who is hoping he lives to see another play. What is Suh thinking? What about the quarterback?

Flying Ndamukong Suh Dennis Hubbard

Give us your best captions Corn Nation! Come back often and “rec” the captions you like best. The winner will be the one with the most “recs” when I total them up Monday.