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Nebraska Football Spring Practice #3 Report

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The offense was the focus of discussion after Thursday’s workout

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Pads popped at North Stadium for the first time this March as the Nebraska football team got after it Thursday. Practice number three of the 15-workout spring portion of the season took just over 2 hours on the grass fields in Lincoln.

Continuing the schedule of media availability, offensive folks were made available to the media today after practice.

The biggest question that everyone wants to know is WHO IS LEADING THE QUARTERBACK RACE?!?

According to QB/OC coach Danny Langsdorf... no one.

Huh, so still an even battle between Tanner Lee and Patrick O’Brien. Darnit.

So, what will be the biggest factor in this race?

Tanner Lee spoke to the media for the first time since his transfer. He said good things about Nebraska!

The mold, what exactly is the mold? Looking at Lee’s Tulane numbers, you tend to wince. However, enough people state how Lee was thrown into a tire fire, including his former coaches.

Speaking of speaking, Patrick O’Brien also spoke to the media today as well. This is abnormal in that normally freshmen do not speak to the media unless they participate in a game.

Well, at least Langs gave some clarity on the tight end spot, where Nebraska seems to be even greener.

Plus, the 2 early enrollee wideouts are trying to soak everything in.

Considering the two are not at full speed right now, better for them to be mentally ready to go.

One guy that went full gas in this workout? Jerald Foster, here in this clip.

/slugs espresso LEGGOOOOOO.

The Huskers come back to the practice fields on Saturday morning. Head coach Mike Riley is scheduled to talk to the media after Saturday’s workout.