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Nebraska Basketball: Huskers Season Ends To Penn State In Big 10 Tournament

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Nebraska loses opening game in the Big Ten Tournament in overtime.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Penn State vs Nebraska Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska loses a heart-breaker in the opening round of the Big Ten Tournament. Huskers fought hard but couldn’t make enough plays in OT to win the game. People wondered if this would be Tim Miles final game at Nebraska. But Shawn Eichorst confirmed that Tim Miles will be returning for his sixth season at Nebraska. The question now is why did Eichorst wait so long to confirm that Miles is coming back? What was the benefit of waiting? Regardless, Miles will return and Nebraska should be a better team next season with a lot of talent.

The Good

Evan Taylor led the Huskers in scoring with 15 points. While Tai Webster had 12 and Glynn Watson Jr. had 11 of his own. Nebraska was also down by 11 in this game and fought back to send it to OT. You have to appreciate the fight in this team. They have struggled down the stretch but wanted to win one more game this season. But unfortunately they didn't win and their season has come to an end.

The Bad

The offense definitely struggled in this game. Nebraska shot 34% from the field in this game and 33% from beyond the arc. Tai Webster fouled out at the beginning of OT and the game was basically over after that. The Huskers were pretty cold shooting the entire game and were lucky to have taken it to OT. We will see what next season brings.

I still wonder when Shawn Eichorst made this decision. Why did he wait so long to announce that Tim Miles was returning. These are questions we will be asking for a while now. Maybe Shawn Eichorst will release a statement and announce in detail about his thought process regarding this decision.

Shawn Eichorst’s Vote of Confidence