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Come Play The Corn Nation NCAA Bracket Pool

Prove how much smarter you are than anyone on this site.

Nebraska v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

I haven’t had the inkling to do much of a NCAA Tournament pool in a long time. Why? Because I never seemed to watch enough basketball to have an idea, and of course Murphy’s Law always seemed to hit my picks.

Not this year though. This year, I’m willing to get down and dirty. And probably smoked in the process.

If you want to prove you’re smarter than me, Jon, David, Patrick or anyone else in the staff, come sign up for the Corn Nation Tourney Bracket. Bragging rights and the knowledge that you dunked on not only the CN staff but also everyone else that participated is what’s up for grabs. PLUS, we’ll pimp your win on both our twitter and Facebook page & you’ll get a personal shoutout from the Five Heart Podcast.

Granted, it’s for fun. But FIGJAM is a very good thing to be able to distribute whenever you want through the summer. So, sign up today here.