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2017 Big 10 Basketball Tournament: Nebraska vs. Penn State Gamethread

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It's the first game of the tournament. Will Nebraska's season end today?

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Nebraska vs. Penn State Game Thread

It has been an interesting few days. After the fourth straight blowout and the worst loss in Nebrasketball history the Big Red head to our nation's capital to take on the Nittany Lions of Penn State. Any other time I would say Nebraska has the upper hand but I'm not so sure what the mentality of the team is right now. The loss on Sunday was bad and there has been a dark cloud over the program for the past few days because of it.

The big question that is festering in everyone's mind is will Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst fire Tim Miles at the end of the season? Followed by, does it matter if he wins a couple games in the tournament? Is there someone waiting in the wings to take over? The questions will keep on coming.

Right now, none of it matters.

Right now we have 17 young men who wan to do everything in their power to make sure that their season is not done yet. They came to Nebraska to play. It's our job to cheer them on. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you folks want, go right ahead and speculate what will happen with the program moving forward. Fell free to give us insight into things that most of us have no clue about. Because right now, there are really on two people who know what the future holds for Nebrasketball and neither one of them will be on this thread.

Personally, I'm going to focus on the game at hand and cheering from my desk as I will hopefully have the game on the radio (admit quietly).

This game is about the players. Us and our feelings are nothing but a side project.


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Radio: KLIN

Probable Starters

~ Nebraska

Tai Webster

Glynn Watson Jr.

Evan Taylor

Michael Jacobson

Ed Morrow Jr.

~ Penn State

Tony Carr

Shep Garner

Josh Reaves

Lamar Stevens

Mike Watkins

And one for the managers. The unsung heroes of Nebrasketball

- GBR!!!