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Nebraska 2017 Spring Practice #2 Report

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The defensive folks talked after the workout today in Lincoln

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The Nebraska Cornhusker Football team went out for 2017 Spring Practice number two on a blustery, chillier day in Lincoln.

After practice, new Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco and both Secondary coaches Bob Elliott & Donte’ Williams spoke to the media, as they were scheduled to pre-practice.

Obviously, the prime candidate of quotes was Diaco, who had some major gasoline going through his veins in the first practice Saturday afternoon.

(video credit 247sports)

In his post-practice quotes, Diaco discussed the adjustment from the Mark Banker 4-3, which had been the staple defense in Lincoln for the longest time, to his 3-4 system.

“The guys are surely physically adapt and doing the job we are going to ask them to do..... There’s enough brain power and fast action through diagnosis. That is not going to be a limitation. They’ve got a lot of conditioning built up where they’re going to be able to go hard long. I’m pleased with the tangible skill of the defensive players. We could definitely get our work done.”

Donte Williams, who is learning this defense from Diaco and Bob Elliott, is appreciative of what he’s taking in.

“Son, what do you want from your Secondary?

Williams spoke briefly about Lamar Jackson, the much hyped CB that saw some good time last year but is still 2nd on the Boundary Corner depth chart behind Kalu.

I do think that’s a fair statement, in that Jackson showed his talent at times last year. However, he has much room for improvement, and focusing on one spot instead of 2 or 3 (he also dabbled at Safety) can only help him.

From Diaco’s comments, it seems that the defensive side of the ball is being receptive in what they are learning.

“That’s all relative to so many things; good attitude, the personnel that you have, the personnel as it relates to your opponent so I can’t begin to prognosticate that.... Everybody is trying hard. Everybody is going to get better every day, so wherever they’re at, wherever the coaches are at, wherever I’m at, wherever the players are at, Coach Riley’s charge is that everybody improves and everybody is going to improve.”

An interesting comment from Marcus Newby after practice today as well about Diaco...

I suppose it’s one thing for Seniors on this team to start with the somewhat wound up Bo Pelini, to go down to the seemingly relaxed Banker, back to the would up Bo. I guess some Seniors would like that, while Juniors below would probably have a issue at times with the Banker to Diaco tempo change.

This video, from the Omaha WH photo guys, seems like Diaco has a hard time relaxing at night I would bet. Or else he goes so much, he falls asleep like a champ.

The Huskers return to the practice field on Thursday for workout #3, which is the first one they can don pads in. Offensive coaches will be the focus post-practice then.