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Corn Flakes: Today’s Word is “Transfer” - Where Would You Go?

Ed Morrow is transferring. I’m thinking of doing the same. Question is, where would I go?

David McGee

The word for the day is "transfer". Ed Morrow is transferring from Nebraska. So is Jessica Sheppard, as well as Nick Fuller and Jeriah Horne. Of these, Morrow is the biggest blow - losing one of the best rebounders in your conference is not the way to build a winning basketball team.

Morrow’s decision did get me thinking about my own transfer. Nebraska's athletic programs aren’t looking so great lately; football is around average, and basketball in both genders is abysmal. (The Nebraska baseball team has the chance to do some good things this year, however, and I remain hopeful.)

What if I could just up and decide to transfer just like Ed. What if I stopped being a Nebraska fan and simply chose another program to root for? What program would I choose? Where would I go? Would I actually be able to do it, given my native Nebraskan heritage and that I am an alum of UNL?

My first thought of a destination, believe it or not, was Purdue. Purdue has a basketball team that wins on a consistent basis and while I am not the biggest basketball guy around, I could live with some consistent winning regardless of the sport. I do love my college football, but if I chose Purdue at least I would know enough to set my expectations very low every season and therefore not be continually disappointed. As an added bonus I could tell everybody about how my school sent astronauts to the moon and blather on about NASA superiority.

If not Purdue, then what about a team in the South? I first thought of Florida, as in the Gators, but holy ship have you ever paid attention to "Florida man"? Then there's that thing about hanging chads and I still don't want that much to do with Florida.

Perhaps Texas, as in the University of Texas at Austin. I've heard Austin is a really nice place to live, but I don't like their calf scours color and as far as I'm concerned they're bunch of bastards. The biggest key is – for having all the money on the planet they don't win very much. If I'm going to transfer I'm going to pick a winning team.

Alabama? Seems clichéd. Plus that whole "Roll Tide" thing is a bit much for me. I can get crazy, but I’m not THAT crazy.

Then it hit me. It's obvious. If I were going to transfer, I'd pick Wisconsin. They're red, they win in both football and basketball, and they do well in other sports like volleyball. I could be “Run the Dadgummed Ball” guy and fit in with everyone, and talk incessantly about their successful walk-on program. They like beer, a lot, and bratwurst, and they like their brandy too, but those things are just the beginning.

I've lived in Minnesota a fairly long time, but I've done a lot of work in Wisconsin as well. One thing I've noticed about Wisconsin is that the people there seem very happy (except when the Packers lose). I'm not 100% sure why that is but I have some theories. For one, every restaurant is a bar and every bar is also a restaurant. They don't seem to get too hung up on the concept of restricting where it’s proper to have alcohol and not. This is emblematic of their overall philosophy about rules. They just don’t have as many as other places.

I have a theory on that, too.

Years ago when Wisconsin was first being settled, and they started to build towns, there would be some guy who would want to make rules. He would say, “We cannot have alcohol on Sunday..” The people who became the Wisconsinites as we know them now told the guy, "No, if you want to make rules you need to go across the river into Minnesota where they love rules. You could be with all the people who like making rules, following rules, and arguing about rules." And so the guy left (or was ran out of town) as well as did all the other potential rule-makers.

Wisconsin, they don't seem to get too bent out of shape about a whole lot of things. Here in Minnesota people get bent out of shape about everything.

So that's it. I am considering transferring to the University of Wisconsin. Between the sports success, the happiness, the beer and the brats, it seems like a good destination.

I'd like your thoughts on the matter, and I'd like to know that if you're going to transfer, where would you go?

Ed Morrow to transfer from Nebraska basketball; Huskers will now search for another big man

Sources with knowledge of the situation said Morrow had expressed frustration with being slotted at center to share time with freshman Jordy Tshimanga. Morrow told those close to him he had hoped to play more at wing or forward in the future to develop his professional prospects instead of continuing to operate inside.

It’ll be interesting to see where Morrow ends up and if he is successful. The problem with Ed playing wing or forward is that he’s going to have to develop a shot.

'On/off' switch brings researchers a step closer to HIV vaccine

By engineering an on/off switch into a weakened form of HIV, University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers have enhanced the safety and effectiveness of a potential vaccine for the virus that has killed approximately 35 million people during the past 35 years.

I’m not going to pretend I understand most of what this article says but it sounds utterly fantastic.

University of Nebraska athletic department bids to host Frozen Four at CenturyLink Center

The University of Nebraska athletic department has submitted paperwork to put NU in the running to host NCAA hockey’s Frozen Four.

Alex Hornibrook looking sharp as Wisconsin continues spring football grind

Since the start of spring practices two weeks ago, Hornibrook has looked crisper after being named starter by head coach Paul Chryst. On Tuesday, he was sharp for most of practice, completing passes around the field and stretching the defense. He found redshirt senior tight end Troy Fumagalli and sophomore wide receiver A.J. Taylor on a couple of nice receptions.

Oh, look, it’s my potential new winning quarterback!!!!

10 Burning Questions for Penn State Football in 2017: Part I

Taking a look at key questions as the Nittany Lions prepare for what could be a monumental 2017 season.

I thought about Penn State for about a half a second. They’re successful in football, and they had a helluva hockey season. They also kick ass in wrestling. But then there’s that other thing about them.... and no.

Kentucky fans are sending death threats to a referee, and it has gone too far

And when he’s not a ref, Higgins owns a roofing company in Omaha, cleverly enough called Rooferees. Until yesterday, that business had a Facebook page. However, UK fans flooded the page with enough one-star reviews that ultimately the page was removed from Facebook. Deadspin has screenshots of some of the more incendiary reviews, if that interests you.

Read the rest of this article for all the other stuff that fans have done to this guy. It’s disgusting and sad.

I don’t pretend to understand basketball officiating and when I watch games it drives me mad. It does not, however, drive me mad enough to make death threats, go onto their Facebook page and post nasty comments, or search down their unlisted telephone number. Maybe I don’t do these things because I HAVE A REAL LIFE TO LIVE.

Kentucky fans. What a bunch of boobs.

AP All-Time Top 100 - Men’s Basketball Programs

Nebraska was not listed. Nor were fellow Big Ten teams Northwestern, Penn State and Rutgers. Sigh.

Lawyers, others vie for pieces of NFL concussion settlement

Seeger himself billed for 6,955 hours -- or the equivalent of 290 full days -- at a rate of $985 an hour, for approximately $6,851,561.50 in fees. The petition for fees asks the judge to assign a multiplier of 2.6 to the fees and expenses, which, if applied, would garner Seeger's firm more than $51 million.

$985 AN HOUR!

Look an article about a bunch of lawyers fighting over shitloads of money at the expense of their clients!!!! It is really difficult to take any of these complaints (from the lawyers) seriously when you see a bill rate like that.

North Dakota was roasted for canceling women’s hockey program while team was practicing

we do know exactly how the women’s hockey program found out. They found out after they practiced.

This was a really stupid move by North Dakota.

Then There’s This

‘Yes – It should be called Floaty McFloatface!’ says fast-growing petition

After the IW council loftily declared that the new floating bridge shouldn’t be called Floaty McFloatface last week in their competition, a petition is rapidly gaining signatures saying it should.