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Nebraska Football Spring Practice #7 Report

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The Huskers get back on the field after spring break.

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After not being on a practice field for 12 days, your Nebraska Cornhuskers returned to spring football, having workout number 7 on Tuesday afternoon.

The workout was helmets only, helping the players acclimate back to being under structured workouts and helping some kids who were out the first part of Spring ball get their feet.

Even though the Huskers weren’t required to stay in town for the school break, most players stayed in town and worked out on their own accord. And it seems like the coaches noticed.

Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco and defensive players were the scheduled folks that talked after practice. An interesting quote from Diaco, one that you can appreciate after time.

Remember when Josh Kalu was moved to safety and Lamar Jackson took the starting position at boundary cornerback? Looks like it’s here to stay.

I find it interesting to wonder why Kalu was moved so early in spring ball, but Diaco’s quote seems to weave some tea leaves.

Interesting statement by Lamar there. He was experienced in both corner and safety coming out of high school, and I can’t remember if Kalu was much at all, although I think I would have. So, if Lamar is the better safety, why is Kalu there? That’s a question you can ponder in the comments, but it could just be the fact of getting the best player on the field.

So, what about other spots in the defense? Good question, and some insight here:

You don’t like labeling kids as busts, but this is a make or sit year for Peyton Newell and a couple other kids on the defensive line.

Finally, if you’re looking for schemes that Diaco is comfortable rolling out right now, this answer will make you wait for the spring game.

Nebraska returns to the practice field for workout #8 on Thursday afternoon. Expect the tone after practice.

The Nebraska Red/White Spring Scrimmage is set for 1 p.m. Central at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.