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Big Red Cobcast: A Song For The Ages

A new song ushers the Cobcast guys into a new era of awesomeness. Oh, and Husker stuff.

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Sometimes there are debates that are simply more important that others. This week, we found that debate. Would Yankoff to Jergens have been the funniest combination of player names in Husker history?

And then we found another, even more important debate. I won’t give it away, but it involves horses. I know after the previous topic that you probably think it’s something gross. It’s not.

Things may have been a touch weird in the Cobcast studios this week. Of course we talked important things (like which position on the roster is best equipped to eventually start producing NFL caliber players). But when you’ve got a month of excitement eating at your soul until the Spring Game, weird things happen.

So join us as we talk about all of the important stuff. And even more importantly, we have a potentially new theme song. Rapper/musician/solid dude NicSon produced a song for us. Jump into the comments and tell us what you think!

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