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Corn Flakes: Your Final Four Is Intact, Right?

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It was a heckuva weekend, and chances are, you lost money.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Kansas vs Oregon Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Monday. I’ve had a firewall down, a mail server down, a file server messed up connectivity-wise, and now I’m trying to figure out why a backup server has lost all of it’s connectivity to its storage.

It has not been a fun morning.

So... you all had South Carolina in your Final Four, right? And Oregon?

It’s interesting to think that maybe Frank Martin should have been a coach that should have come to UNL. That, and that damned Dana Altman guy. (sigh)

Here’s something fun.... between them, these Final Four teams have 24 appearances. North Carolina has 20 of them.

How did Kansas lose?

Look at what happened in Big Ten Baseball over the weekend:

Maryland beat Michigan - I find this somewhat surprising, but not so much because Michigan finally played a decent opponent, on the road.

Michigan State swept Illinois. The Spartans hit EIGHT home runs on Sunday to win 17-6. Holy cow, Illinois sucks.

Indiana sweeps Northwestern - Well, screw Northwestern.

Minnesota swept Ohio State - The Buckeyes are not good this year.

Rutgers swept USC Upstate.

Iowa beat Purdue in their series, 2-1.

Penn State split their four-game series against Columbia. I mean... come on. You’re a Big Ten school for crying out loud. Maybe you should pretend to give a shit, Penn State.

Nebraska won their series against Cal Poly, taking three out of four.

Did I miss anyone?

Oh yeah. Wisconsin does not have a baseball team.


Colin Kaepernick Is Still Available. The Debate Centers on Why.

Is Kaepernick not qualified to play quarterback in the N.F.L. anymore? Or is it something else?

Everyone can learn from kid reporters asking questions at press conferences -

A couple of problems here, though: Postgame press conferences are, largely, an outdated utility. Like that standing meeting you’ve had for months on end that everyone kind of sleepwalks through.

South Carolina fans raised $4,500 in 17 hours to send 'Gamecock Jesus' to the Final Four -

This is so great!

Oregon is the Final Four surprise we should have seen coming -

Oregon is one of the last four teams standing in the NCAA tournament. It’s a shock to most people, but maybe it shouldn’t be.

The era of doubting Gonzaga basketball is dead -

Gonzaga is heading to the Final Four, a fact which should put to bed an era for the program that was unfair to begin with.

356 days after Kris Jenkins, North Carolina now has its own version of ‘The Shot’ -

Almost a full year after Kris Jenkins’ buzzer-beater, North Carolina found sweet redemption against Kentucky.

Then There’s This