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Nebraska’s Spring Game Won’t Be Carried Live On Big Ten Network.... Again

If you’re looking for live football on April 15, trust your internet connection.

David McGee/CN

Spelunking through the Big Ten’s BTN2go website for the Red/White Nebraska Spring scrimmage today, I discovered something that made folks upset last year as well.

There are four spring games on Saturday, April 15, in the Big Ten Conference. Only one will be televised live, and that will be the Ohio State Buckeyes game at 11 a.m. CDT.

Brian Towle/CN

Those games that receive live on BTN2Go treatment and broadcast later that day on the television includes Nebraska, Minnesota and Michigan’s spring game. Yes, Ohio State is going to be just a little bit ahead of Michigan again, just like the spot. But that’s another show.

Since BTN2Go only shows live events on that page and not tape-delay things, you’ll have to go to a different spot in the BTN2Go site to see when Nebraska’s game will be on TV. That looks like it will indeed be April 15, but not until 4 p.m. CDT. Michigan will fly at 2 p.m. CDT, and Minnesota gets their game on at 6 p.m. CDT.

Now, before you go off on your rockers and wonder out loud “well, BTN has all those extra channels, why won’t they use em?!?”, there’s a reason. They don’t own them!

In face, SBN’s own Luke Zimmerman got this quote from BTN President Mark Silverman:

"During football season, we have access to an extra control room that's in a facility in Houston that enables us to show another game on that feed," the president of the Big Ten Network Mark Silverman told SB Nation. "That doesn't exist during basketball and hockey season because there's all these other networks showing basketball and hockey. We don't have that available to us. So we can't show a second game while another game's going on once football season ends."

I get it to a fault in that providers have to have the ability to offer that bandwidth to the conference, and the number of eyes makes it a big issue. That being said, knowing that a plethora of people not in Lincoln or Ann Arbor would be watching, one would think that the scale would be tipped a little bit.