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Nebraska Football: What To Take From The First Half Of 2017’s Spring Practices

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What has come from six practices so far?

David McGee

What do we know about the Nebraska Football team through six workouts so far in the 2017 Spring period?

Cobcast Ryan: Diaco is a distraction. He’s too hot. Even when he yells. I won’t let my wife watch Blackshirt practice videos anymore because she gets all sweaty now.

Running backs?

Darnay Holmes has yet to show up to practice, which I find surprising that nobody is talking about that. Same with Jamire Calvin. They’re probably hanging out with Biggie and Tupac (JK - Biggie and Tupac died in the 90’s).

Joe: No serious injuries?

Andy: Mikale Wilbon might be making the leap. Keyshawn Jr can tweet. BD makes women go sploosh.

Patrick G: (Lost in the desert somewhere outside of Duckwater, NV) Transcript missing...Nebrasketball...

Jon: If we’re to take regular media articles and coaches’ comments at face value, then we know that Patrick O’ Brien has made quite a leap forward at quarterback. In last year’s spring game, he looked lost, honestly, but now he is competing head to head for a starting position with another guy in Tanner Lee that has already been a starting quarterback at another school.

We know that Wilbon is much better, as is Michael Decker at the center position, a position that must be straightened out if the offense is to be successful. We know that the defensive secondary will be very good (but, really, we knew this before spring practice) and we know that defensive coordinator and underwear model Bob Diaco has a lot of energy and can be very, very loud.

Brian: I think that mostly we’ve had a worry about how the QB race is shaping up. Since it’s been scrubbed by the coaching staff of any drama save what happens in front of all of us at the Spring Game, there’s nothing to sweat.

I am kind of surprised that there’s been no defections on the defensive side of the ball with Diaco’s espresso and puppy energy. If he’s found roles for everyone in 6 practices, I’m rather impressed.

What are we not going to know before, or even after the Red/White Scrimmage?

Greg: Starting quarterback. I can see that being played very close to the chest until fall camp.

Cobcast Ryan: How important will Dicaprio Bootles be? He will definitely be an All American but how much farther could he go? Heisman? Coach? Head of the NCAA? It’s too bad we’ll only have him for one season before he goes pro.

Also, can Keyshawn Jr. grow a mustache? I doubt it but we won’t know until September because if he starts right this second it will probably take him that long. With Westerkamp gone - we need a WR with a mustache.

Oh and the quarterback situation.

Joe: Starting QB. Starting RB. Those seem important.

Andy: That Tanner Lee will start at QB. Have to fend off those spring transfers to Ivy League schools.

Jon: We’re not gonna know what we don’t know. We won’t know whether or not Diaco is a good defensive coordinator, or just looks good.

Brian: We’re not gonna know how good this D is. We’re also not going to know how good the offense can be. I mean, we’ll have ideas, but this will be practice and how they score the Spring Game... we’ll not know much. There will be kids that stand out that we won’t know what happened to come October (Curenski Gilleylen, anyone?)