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Big Red Cobcast: Ralph Brown

The former Blackshirt talks about the Huskers’ past and future

Mike Brown #21

There are some things are that easy, and some that are hard.

Starting as a Blackshirt on the dominant mid ‘90s teams in your very first game as a true freshman? I’d say that’s pretty difficult.

Keeping calm and not fanboy-ing out while talking to said Blackshirt? No easier.

We’ve had a lot of cool and interesting former Huskers on the Cobcast, but I’m not sure any of them is smarter or as well-versed on the details of the game as Ralph Brown. That’s not a comment on the intellect of the other former Huskers we’ve talked to. They’re all super smart, too. Ralph just happens to be on a plane that’s high above most people on this planet.

Skeptical? Then listen to this week’s podcast and get his takes on the 3-4 defense, Bob Diaco, the coaching philosophies of Tom Osborne that he still applies to his daily life. Also, listen for his takes potentially coaching in the near future, being a football player with a family and what his first interactions with Jason Peter were like.

And after you realize Ralph Brown is smarter than you, you can come back to the comments and tell me I’m right.

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