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Create a Caption: Running Away from Freedom

Give us your funniest, most clever caption for this photo!

Gallery: Armstrong Sets Record, Huskers Move to 2-0

How much are you enjoying the creativity of the Corn Nation community? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your captions and last week’s edition was no exception. That image is of De’Mornay Pierson-El talking a little smack during the Oregon v Nebraska game early in the 2016 season.

What was your favorite guess as to what he was saying? Winner revealed below the image.

David McGee

The winner is bfroning2 with:

DUCK – "DUCK SEASoh shit, he got me."

Runner-up: hands15 (Author’s note - Is that you De’Mornay??)

Do you think we should go for 2 next time we score?

Congrats bfroning! You are entered in our drawing this summer for a copy of Through These Gates and any other prizes I can round up.

This week’s image is FREEDOM!!! What do you think our poor Cowboy friend is thinking right now? What about Freedom?

Gallery: Armstrong Sets Record, Huskers Move to 2-0

Give us your best captions Corn Nation! Come back often and “rec” the captions you like best. The winner will be the one with the most “recs” when I total them up Monday.