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“Shirtless” Bob Diaco To Host 2017 Nebraska Football 101

This might not be true. Well, the shirtless part anyway. That Bob Diaco is a hot hunk of a man.. that’s definitely true.

LINCOLN, NE - Sources at the Nebraska Ticket Office reported Monday that minutes after Nebraska Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco was announced as the host and primary speaker at the 2017 Football 101, registrations for the event had sold out sources.

UNL Athletic Department officials were surprised by the interest in the event, which has not been held since 2010. The event, which raises money for breast cancer research, teaches women who otherwise know little about the game, the basics of Cornhusker football. This years event will feature hands on instruction with the event climaxing in a demonstration of splitting gaps in the line.

Nebraska DC and underwear model Bob Diaco

Corn Nation investigated the mystery. We found two women browsing a Bob Diaco scrapbook outside the Victoria’s Secret at the Southpoint Pavilions in Lincoln.

Catherine Blonski, 54, of Loup City indicated that curiosity about the newest member of NU’s coaching staff influenced her decision to attend.

Oh my god, have you seen him? He’s the dreamiest thing I’ve seen in Lincoln since, well, ever.

Michelle Jepsen, 49, of Dannebrog echoed a similar interest in NU’s DC.

He’s like, amazing. I don’t think a coach has ever made me this excited. I get all tingly thinking about attending.

When asked what she was most looking forward to, Blonski had a quick answer.

I’ve heard he really knows how to hit the tight end. I think that’s going be the part I want to watch.

Jepsen was most interested in learning what it’s like to be a Nebraska running back.

I think wrapping my arms around those balls under Coach Diaco’s watchful eye will be the highlight of the day for me.

Tina Berlak from Hayes Center, was glad she finally had a real reason to watch Husker football again after so many years.

I have been attending events and games in Lincoln for so long I can’t remember. I don’t mind football, but after a while with all the anger, the yelling, and such, it gets to be too much. Finally I feel like I’ll at least have something to look at, and when I get tired of angry fans around me that we’re not pummeling someone 73-0, I can just imagine myself alone on a beach with... well, you know...

There is absolutely no truth nor even a rumor started that Diaco will go shirtless during his presentations at Football 101 and while coaching on the sideline this fall, but we hope he might consider it a suggestion to help with future recruiting. Get Moms on your side, Bob!