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Corn Nation's Five Heart Podcast Episode 28: Horne, Hoops, and Huskers

Horne and Fuller depart, Huskers showcase abilities at Pro Day, and Baseball gets a W.

Gallery Photo: Nebraska Football vs Miami Hurricanes: Photo Gallery

It's a brand new Five Heart Podcast and the boys are back talking all-things Nebraska.

There have been a couple departures from the Nebraska men's basketball team as Jeriah Horne allegedly sought his release, while Nick Fuller will play as a graduate transfer elsewhere next year.

Also, the Nebraska baseball team put together a nice home win over Charleston Friday. Plus, former Huskers had their Pro Day this week, another former Husker (Rex Burkhead) signed with the evil empire, and Spring Practices are ongoing.

Also, Greg gets in trouble for not having a Yahoo! email address and therefore not participating in the Corn Nation Bracket Challenge.

The plugs never change, but I'll never not tell you what they are.

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