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Nebraska Football Spring Practice #5 Report

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News on both sides of the ball on this Tuesday

Bob Diaco showing love!
David McGee/CN

The Nebraska Cornhuskers completed their fifth Spring Practice workout of the period today at Memorial Stadium. With folks abound around the area due to Nebraska’s Pro Day, the Huskers current team worked out over 2 hours on the grass fields outside the Hawks Championship Center.

After practice, Nebraska Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco & the rest of the Defensive staff spoke with the media.

It would make sense that Aaron Williams would be one of the ones that would be quick to pick things up. The Georgia product has seemed to be the better thinking ones in the defensive backfield, which isn’t a bad thing.

Diaco had a interesting quote to me at least.

I don’t see the whole rugby tackling being mentioned. But it does make sense in that many types of tackling are needed in a game. We’ll get ole’ Hoss Reuter on everything in that aspect & see what he can find.

One good note from the offensive side of the ball was released after practice:

Keyshawn Johnson Jr., who had been fighting appendicitis from Signing Day, was finally cleared to participate in practice. Due to NCAA restrictions, he’ll probably go no-pads the first 2 workouts he participates in. I don’t know if he’ll be a go for the Spring game, but I can’t think he wouldn’t try to be.

Speaking of Offensive things, Nebraska hosted 2018 pro-style Quarterback Tyler Shough from Chandler, Arizona. Shough doesn’t have a ranking yet, but he seems to be a backup to Nebraska’s main target at QB, Colston Yankoff of Idaho. Yankoff will be visiting Nebraska sometime before the Spring Game.

\The Huskers hit the practice fields one more time before Spring Break hits on Thursday, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.