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NCAA Basketball Tournament: Who You Rooting For?

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It’s an argument starter. Well, it’s an attempt anyway. Maybe you don’t care?

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Northwestern Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know Nebraska is not playing in yet another NCAA basketball tournament. That does not mean that we cannot enjoy ourselves. In fact, it may mean that the pressure is off and we can enjoy ourselves even more than if they were trying to win their first flocking game in the tourney in the history of the flocking school.

The key to enjoying yourself is picking the right teams to root for!

So, Corn Nation, who are you going to root for?

Are you going to be like our own beloved Hoss Reuter and root for Creighton? Are you going to be a Jaysker?

Are you going to be a carpetbagger and root for Kansas?

Here’s a true confession. I once ran for student body president at the University of Nebraska. One of my platform goals was to merge the University Nebraska and the University of Kansas so that the Kansans could have a good football team to root for and the Nebraskans could have a good basketball team to root for.

Needless to say, I did not get elected. However, I got well enough known that I didn’t have to buy my own beer for three months and the ladies loved me.

I used to love Kansas. Basketball, anyway. That was before Bill Self came along and replaced Roy Williams. I can’t stand Bill Self. Maybe I would have liked him had he come to Nebraska and helped us win in basketball, but he didn’t, so he and KU basketball can both kiss my ass and fall down in the first two rounds.

The question stands, Corn Nation community! Who you gonna route for? Who you gonna root against?

Maybe you’re gonna root for Creighton! May be your gonna be rooting for Kansas! Maybe you’re gonna root for South Dakota State, the ranchbabe team! Are you gonna root for Minnesota, or Michigan, Big Ten teams?

WHAT ABOUT NORTHWESTERN? Do you realize that if they get into the tourney for the first time in their school history, and then win a game that Nebraska will be the WORST basketball program, historically, in the Power Five, being the only one that’s never won a NCAA tournament game?

Brian created a tourney bracket, have you joined yet?

So many questions for tomorrow, what will you do?

Let’s have fun with this, community.

After this there is only college baseball, spring football and then that dark horrible time until football starts again. What’s going to fill that void? Are you guys going to post fanposts of your favorite grilling recipes, complete with photos of juicy steaks that I don’t get to eat, because that might keep us all amused....