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Nebraska Football Spring Practice Report #4

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The second Saturday workout of the new season brought some names and positions to watch

Mike Riley
David McGee/Corn Nation

It was workout number 4 for the Nebraska Cornhuskers today, as they went to work on the grass fields north of Memorial Stadium once again.

The 2+ hour workout was watched by many media members, and they saw a whole lot of things.

There’s your Quarterback report, fresh and tasty. But what about the WR crew? Well, some things are shaking down.

With the way that Bryan Reimers could find time on the field last fall, that would seem to make the most sense. I’m kinda surprised that JD Spielman would be behind Keyan a little bit, however I suppose that is dependent on what the staff is asking both to do.

There is a reason that Nebraska was going all out in recruiting in the ‘17 cycle to get quality WR’s on the team, and you’re seeing the reason now. McQuitty would probably be in the 2 deep somewhere in the Spring game, but since that’s not happening now, someone has to step up.

Also, that to me states that De’Mornay Pierson-El is getting closer to being full speed again finally. However, it sounds like Stanley Morgan is indeed the WR1 on this team.

If you’re looking for a surprise at running back, Mike Riley has a name for you to watch.

I suggest to follow the back of that depth chart closely, as if Mikale Wilbon sinks below a walk-on, then he may not be long for Lincoln much more.

The Huskers are off til Tuesday, when the Defensive side of the ball will be featured post-practice. This is the final weekend workout until April, as the Huskers will be off for the spring break period for the next two weekends.

Also, Nebraska’s pro day will be on Tuesday the 14th, so if we hear something about it, we will pass it along.