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Corn Flakes: Ameer’s Valentine’s Advice For You Who Are Young, Unattached, And Have No Children

Valentine’s Day is coming. You’re going to do something nice for her, right? Ameer has advice for you.

Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday, so we’re giving you advice today, knowing that men need plenty of time to plan. Realistically, a lot of you will celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend since Tuesday night is a rather stupid night to go out and do anything unless you’re young, aren’t attached, and have no children.

I am fully away that despite the early warning, many of you will wait until the last minute to figure out what to do. For some great advice on what to do, we present Ameer Abdullah’s Valentine’s Day advice, which is clearly coming from someone who is young, isn’t attached (having a girlfriend isn’t “attached”) and has no children.

Ameer Abdullah Gives You Advice for What To Do For Valentine’s Day

“As a mandatory gesture for all guys, I suggest flowers and a planned night out. However, I think it's important to make the presentation bigger than the gifts themselves. Present the flowers in a manner that is intimate and personal, perhaps incorporate a moment that the two of you had previously shared. The presentation really expresses your thoughtfulness and sincerity. With the dinner/night out, maybe take her to a place she's never been, perhaps introducing a new culture or style. That way, you'll be contrasting the emotion of reminiscing on the love of the past (with the flowers) with the emotion of creating new memories and new love by introducing a new restaurant or a new passion. Those gestures should leave your woman fairly happy. But if not, go with plan B and get her a big-time material item haha. Good luck, fellas!“

Isn’t that sweet?

Every weekend for the past two months, Mrs. CN and I swear we’re going to a movie. The weekend rolls around, and we don’t get to a movie. There is always something else going on.

Plus, she says, “I ignore her”. I say “I don’t ignore you”, followed by “I have to go write my article for tomorrow” and then I leave her to sit in my big comfy chair downstairs and stare at my laptop.

I told her to expect disappointment for Valentine’s Day.

“Oh, great”, she says.

I think I’m doing this wrong.

Nebraska: Kurt Warner’s son, Kade, might walk on with Huskers, report says

Signing day has passed, but Nebraska remains in the running for a 2017 recruit with a familiar last name.

Freshman honors course to feature Orwell's '1984' | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

George Orwell's dystopian masterpiece "1984" will be among the featured books in a new freshman honors course launching in the fall. Guy Reynolds selected "1984" before its recent popularity surge after Pres. Trump's inauguration.

Hmmm..... I wonder why this is an a new item at UNL? Is this really something that could be considered newsworthy? Or is it just another sign that we have to put the new POTUS in every fucking thing everywhere?

I read about the same books when I was the age as the guy in the article, except for Huxley’s “Brave New World”, which I finally read a few years ago. Other dystopian reading when I was young included the cheery and optimistic books (not really), “On The Beach”, and “Alas, Babylon”. The most realistic of these I can think of is “One Second After”, released in 2009 and written by William R. Forstchen.

Okay, I’m just rambling now.

Husker scientists boost performance of emerging nanomaterial | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nebraska chemists have synthesized higher-quality, more conductive flakes of a nanomaterial with promising applications in energy storage and water purification.

Flakes of a nanomaterial..... okay, other than a potential band name, I got nothing.

University places Phi Gamma Delta fraternity on interim suspension | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has placed its chapter of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity on interim suspension. The action is related to an ongoing Office of Student Affairs investigation that indicates a pattern of behavior within the fraternity in violation of the university’s Student Code of Conduct, including reckless alcohol use, occurring during recent academic terms.

Wouldn’t “reckless alcohol use” apply to every fraternity on a campus, or have things changed since I was in college, and everyone goes to tea parties now?

10 Quick-Hitters for Nebraska's 2017 Baseball Season - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Huskers’ general sense of urgency: Since Erstad has been at the helm, the Huskers have struggled in opening weekend games, but Nebraska’s head coach has no excuses about the annual inability to practice baseball outside. “We have the facilities and we can get everything done,” he said. “For me, every single rep in practice is important, and we’ve been really hammering that.”

Williams Named B1G Field Athlete of the Week - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska senior Tierra Williams was named the Big Ten Women's Field Athlete of the Week on Wednesday, the conference office announced.

Miles to be Featured on BTN's Taste of Coaching - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

‘A Taste of Coaching’ to feature Bo Ryan, Gene Keady, Tim Miles and Mike Davis Series’ third season, hosted by Steve Lavin, debuts Sunday

Sitting around a restaurant table, four coaches who have experienced the highs and lows that accompany Big Ten basketball shared treasured stories and their passion for the game for the Big Ten Network. Their conversations were captured for season three of A Taste of Coaching, hosted by Steve Lavin and debuting at 9:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 12.

Conference realignment is one reason the Big 12 has fallen behind in recruiting -

The contrast with the Big Ten is striking. There is roughly as much talent in the traditional Big Ten footprint (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota) as there is in Texas by itself. Those eight states combined to produce 238 blue-chips in the last five recruiting classes. Texas produced 229 by itself.

Miss us yet, assholes? No? Liars.

You know what’s really sad here? Texas sucks. HAHAHAHA. That’s not as sad as it is pathetic.

Big 12 Votes to Withhold Revenue from Baylor Pending Changes; Baylor Responds - Our Daily Bears

This morning, the Big 12 announced unanimous action against Baylor pending independent review of promised changes.

I’d say our SBNation dude is right. This is about showmanship, nothing else.

Is this blasphlemy or not?

I’m not a big fan of MLB, but if you read me much, you know I’m not a big professional sports fan. College, yay! But not professional sports. Too much bullshit beyond the actual sports.

This, though, is this change because people want a faster pace everywhere in their lives? Is this a sign that baseball is too slow for current society? Or is it just trying to fit the games into a TV time slot?

Then There’s These:

This Sensation Is Changing Food Videos As We Know Them - Eater

With ASMR, it's more about the sound than the taste

I watched a bit of the first video of the young woman eating a taco and it made me want to kill someone. I have no idea why anyone would find the sound of someone else eating pleasurable. I have a colleague who slurps his tea when I’m at that site, and I have explained to him how many different and painful ways I can kill him.

This lead to a discussion of “mukbang”, a South Korean thing, amongst us on the CN Staff. Go look it up. Korea is so weird.

KFC's Fried Chicken Crust Pizza Is the Monster Hiding Under Your Bed - Eater

It's called the KFC Chizza and it's coming to steal your soul

Really what it is is finding more creative ways to mix lard and salt so you can eat them out of a bucket. Why didn’t they do this in the United States?