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Create a Caption: Got It!

Give us your funniest, most clever caption for this photo!

David McGee

Our winner from last week was elected in a landslide. No word yet on the size of the crowd at the inauguration.

This classic from 2014 shows defensive end Randy Gregory making his way into the backfield. Winner revealed below the image.

randy gregory was not being held, really David McGee

Rudi Fan

Honest Randy.....our QB doesn't have your weed

Congratulations Rudi! You are entered in our prize drawing this summer.

This week’s image sneaks a little hoopty ball into our series. David captured this at the Husker upset of Purdue. Point guard Glynn Watson appears to be emerging from a scrum for the ball. Take a good look and let us know what anyone in this picture is thinking at this moment...

David McGee

Give us your captions Corn Nation! Bonus points to anyone who writes theirs out in glowing drones.

Put your submission in the comments section. Give a “rec” to the captions you like best. Check back often as new comments/captions are added. On Monday, I will tally up the votes and pick that week’s winner(s).