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Big Red Cobcast: Brian Towlie Talks Crootin’

We have the one and only Brian Towle on to talk about NSD!

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National Signing Day is over. That leaves us with the few short months until spring ball and then that long hard summer with no Husker football, where any news means bad news, like stolen bikes or failed drug tests.

April to August is a hard time for fans but for players it’s when the important stuff happens. This offseason will bring a lot of questions. We’ll have our first true quarterback battle in almost a decade, Almost an entirely new wide receivers corps and a young defense learning a 3-4 defense for the first time in the history of the cornhuskers from a new defensive coordinator.

Boy howdy.

This week we have Brian Towle from the Corn Nation staff on the Cobcast to teach us which names to learn, where he thinks people will fall into the roster and which recruits can make an immediate impact.

This next year is gonna be legit, guys. It’s gonna be a long wait with something special at the end.

That’s what she said.

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