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Big Red Cobcast: The Return of Hoss Reuter

Ryan Reuter returns to talk O-line, running the dadgum ball & Tim Miles in a very special Cobcast After Dark.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys. Take a seat. Yeah, we’ve turned down the lights. We’re glad you’ve come over to check out the Cobcast so late. We’ve got Netflix and a bottle of Yellow Tail. It’s our first ever Cobcast After Dark, and we just want you to be comfortable.

Corn Nation’s very own Ryan Reuter was such a hit the last time he was on the Cobcast that we decided to have him back, and the only time that worked for us was after midnight Central time.

So be prepared for jokes about phalluses and Pete Rickets (two separate things, even if they look similar). And things even worse that we can’t specify in this article.

Also, we tackle issues like the Huskers’ offensive line, the running game, as well as the continually evolving status of Tim Miles’ job.

But let’s be honest: we’re all here for Hoss Reuter and our use of the term “man clit.”

So relax and slip into something comfortable because we’re about to chill.

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