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Nebraska Basketball: Michigan State Races By Huskers 88-72

Spartans dominate Huskers as Nebraska loses a tough road game.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

It was Michigan State’s night. That’s the best way to put it. In two games this season, Michigan State has basically dominated Nebraska. Nebraska had it close at the beginning of the first half, but it started to get out of hand in the second half. It was capped off with a half-court shot giving the Spartans a 18 point lead at halftime. And Michigan State never looked back. Winning on the road is tough but winning in the Breslin Center is tougher. MSU has one of the top five toughest places to play in College Basketball. Once that student section gets going, it is tough to get a win as a road team. That was definitely the case on Thursday night.

The Good

Nebraska did shoot pretty well from the free-throw line. They shot 21-28 from the line which is 75%. That is definitely an improvement for this team. Tai Webster led the way with 19 points. Evan Taylor had a surprise amount of 10 points in this game. He played pretty well on Thursday night. Watson only had 7 points in this game. For Nebraska to be more competitive, Watson needs to score more points. Jordy Tshimanga had 8 points in this game as well.

The Bad

Nebraska wasn't very good offensively or defensively in this game. Nebraska only shot 39% from the field while Michigan State shot 47%. If MSU is making their shots at home and your the road team, good luck. Because it is definitely going to be tough. Michigan State couldn’t really miss on Thursday night. It will be hard to beat any team let alone the Spartans when they hit their shots. Ward and Bridges both had 20 points a piece. Nebraska had no answer for those guys and it showed on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t Nebraska’s night.

What’s Next?

Nebraska comes back home on Sunday to play Illinois. This is a big game for the Huskers as they are battling for a better seed in the Big Ten Tournament. Nebraska needs to stay out of that dreaded Wednesday game if they want to make a run in the tournament. Tip-off for this game is at 6:30 and can be seen on BTN.

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