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Big Red Cobcast: David McGee and Nebrasketball

Corn Nation’s David McGee gives his insight on Husker Hoops, both this season and historically.

Cookie Belcher #30...

Like Ed Morrow rising from the ashes, Nebrasketball has made its return to the Big Red Cobcast. Two straight weeks actually. And who better to talk with us about Husker Hoops than Corn Nation’s very own David McGee!

I can’t recall a season for any team in any sport that’s felt as close to either end of the spectrum at any given moment. Are you a glass half injured or a glass half healthy kind of person? We discuss that with David, along with his favorite Nebrasketball moments and players (is it Shang Ping? Andre Almeida? Brian Conklin?).

David makes us all smarter. Don’t be an idiot. Give it a listen.

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