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Corn Flakes: The Tough Choices We Make

Today’s choice is of a personal nature. Not mine, but it’s making me very anxious.

Watchdog Bans Online Junk Food Adverts Aimed At Children Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

This morning we - myself, Mrs. CN, and my youngest son Isaiah - take a tour of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, the purpose of which will be for Isaiah to determine if this is the place he wants to go to college.

This isn’t easy, and I’m not talking about him, I’m talking about me - because this is about me, after all. I find myself anxious about what choice he’s going to make between the University of Minnesota, and the University of Nebraska.

He expects to major in engineering, possibly starting in biochemical, although we all know how things like that work out - you start out thinking you know what you’re doing, then you figure out maybe what you’re doing, and then, you graduate, get a job, get a car, a house, and a wife and maybe kids, and you’re so stuck in what you’re doing you don’t get a chance to figure out what you really want to do until the kids have grown and left home, leaving you with spare income (HAHAHA IN A PERFECT WORLD), at which point your wife thinks you should just keep doing what you’ve been doing when you want to do something else but you chose this career, dammit, and you might as well stick with it until you’re dead. (Again.)

Where was I?

The choice.

It’s a toss up. I would love for my son to choose the University of Nebraska. I would love to see what happens if I have one of my kids that I could share the experience of UNL with - I wonder what will happen to him in his life if he chooses this place, THIS PLACE that made so much of a difference in my life, not all because of the education I received, but because of the confidence I found in meeting new people, experiencing new things, and figuring out a big part of who and what I wanted to be.

I realize that those experiences are not unique to the University of Nebraska, that he can find them in other places, but at least in this place I could say “Schramm, right?”, even though I have no idea how much things have changed.

At the same time, it will be bittersweet. The University of Minnesota will be close by. We’ll see him a lot more. And if he moves to Lincoln, I’ll miss him, even though he can be the pain in the ass sometimes as your children are wont to be.

I have tried to be careful about influencing his decision... mostly because I don’t think I would influence it in the right way. My children have a stubborn resistance about them - I don’t know from where they get it.

This is the last of three, the last chance to be the parent of a future Nebraska-Lincoln attendee. I’m anxious, probably more anxious than him.

When will this decision come? Will it come today, when he’s done with his tour? The daughter knew right away what she wanted to do. She will graduate this coming December in biochemistry. The boy, the youngest boy, what will he decide and when?

I wouldn’t mind at least making one Husker.

Steven M. Sipple: Kade Warner says famous father will be Memorial Stadium regular

"He'll try. I mean, I don't think he's a guy who would ever get a suite or anything like that," Kade said. "He'll sit in the regular seating, and I'm sure people will come up to him and ask him for autographs and stuff. But he really doesn't care about all that. He'll just want to come and see me play."

Helicopter parent?

NU Loses Second Straight Game to No. 3 Florida State

Behind All-Americans Jessica Burroughs and Alex Powers, third-ranked Florida State remained undefeated with an 8-0 victory over the Nebraska softball team on Sunday afternoon at JoAnne Graf Field.

Huskers Knock Off Hoosiers

Freshman Hannah Whitish scored a career-high 18 points including four three-pointers to lead four Huskers in double figures as the Nebraska women’s basketball team knocked off Indiana, 67-64, at Pinnacle Bank Arena on Sunday afternoon.

They won their second Big Ten conference game. Maybe....?????

Steven M. Sipple: Devaney says Nebraska 'not conceding an inch' to Big Ten powers

If you're a Nebraska fan, you surely can appreciate Devaney's chutzpah. The only way NU can wrestle down monsters is by attacking aggressively. You're indeed seeing aggression in Husker recruiting, which is no surprise considering the 61-year-old Devaney — who worked for 30-plus years in the NFL, including several as a top executive — oversees the operation.

I’ve clipped two Sipple articles in this one piece..... wow.

Penn State turns possible tragedy into triumph, wins dual championship

After an unfortunate injury and questionable call, PSU boat races Oklahoma State, 27-13

Wisconsin knocks off No. 23 Maryland

The No. 11 Badgers grabbed a critical conference win over the Terrapins.

Minnesota Beats Michigan 83-78 in Overtime

Minnesota survived a horrific night at the foul line and multiple Michigan comebacks to emerge victorious in overtime 83-78 today at Williams Arena. With the win, the Gophers are now 8-6 in Big Ten play and 20-7 overall. Just in case one forgot, Minnesota had eight wins all last season. Jordan Murphy led all Minnesota scorers with 16.

Ohio State vs. Nebraska 2017 final score: Huskers upend Buckeyes, 58-57

On Saturday, Ohio State (15-13, 5-10) was handed its third-straight loss, this time by Nebraska (12-14, 6-8), 58-57 at the Value City Arena. The victory was the Cornhuskers first-ever win in Columbus.

2017 B1G Baseball Season Preview

College baseball is back! Who will be the teams and players to watch for this season in another B1G installment of America's pastime.

Maryland shocked the softball world by beating Florida

The Terps went from 0-8 to knocking off the nation’s top team.

Cox sets cap on data usage amid complaints

Internet providers argue that higher prices for heavier users is simply fair — you use more, you should pay more. But others, who see the internet as something that increasingly becomes a necessity rather than an extra, it's evidence of a company with a long-held monopoly taking advantage because it can.

Then There’s This

This music video is absurd to watch, forward and backwards

This is bloody amazing!!!!

Welcome to Monday!!!!