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Nebrasketball: Nebraska 58 Ohio State 57

Buckeyes lead for most of the game but it’s the Huskers who take home the win.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska 58 Ohio State 57

It was a tough defensive battle and Nebraska found themselves down deeper on the scoreboard than they would have liked early on but the Huskers pulled off a come from behind win against the Buckeyes on Saturday night.

If you believed the Huskers deserved one after the last second loss in Lincoln in January to the Buckeyes, then you had it tonight.

It wasn’t a necessarily pretty game for either team. It was a defensive slugfest that at lead to a Ohio State advantage early in the game. The shooting on either team wasn’t too stellar ether. The Buckeyes had a slight advantage at 41% and the Huskers shooting 38% from the floor.

It looked as if the Huskers were out of the game at halftime. Even starting out slow in the second. Then a shift into zone defense gave the Huskers a tighter grip on the Buckeyes which gave them a slight advantage once the shots started falling in Nebraska’s favor.

Slowly the Huskers fought back bit by bit until the final 12 seconds in the game. Glynn Watson Jr. made a layup which tied it. He was also fouled during that shot which sent him to the line. There, he made the game winning free throw. The Buckeyes tried on their final offensive possession to take the win but the Huskers defense shut them down to end the game.

The Huskers had four players in double digits with two of them coming off the bench. Nebraska was lead by senior Tai Webster who has 17 points and 3 rebounds on the night. He was followed by an explosive Glynn Watson Jr. who had 14 points and 5 rebounds.

Jack McVeigh came off the bench to contribute with 11 points, 9 of which were from beyond the arch. Ed Morrow Jr., who is on his second game back from an ankle sprain, was closer to his early season form with 10 points and 6 rebounds.

Nebraska has the next few days off before they head to East Lansing to take on a injury ridden Michigan State on Thursday night.

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