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Five Heart Podcast Episode 24

Nebrasketball to Nebraseball, Michael Jordan to Jordan Burroughs, Holdrege to Broken Bow. This is a show that has a little bit of everything.

It was the Valentine’s Day dinner at the Mehochko House. Went over like gang busters!

Greg and Brian return with a bunch of topics, and in their traditional way, branch out on topics like walk-on football, Nebrasketball, the first day of the Nebraska Baseball season, Danny Woodhead, and more.

Nana Atenken is mentioned as is the "basketball culture" in Illinois. It brings to light that Nebraska doesn't have that basketball culture, but that it does have a wrestling culture. So Greg brings up the lack of wrestling coverage on Corn Nation (and may have inadvertently volunteered himself for the job).

Better name: DiCaprio Bootles or Mojo Hagge?

And in the "See Also" category, we mention a couple of championship-caliber Jordans...Michael Jordan and Jordan Burroughs. Plus, famous television series finales.

And here are your friendly plugs and they're grrrrrrreat!

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