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Nebrasketball: Ohio State Preview Part Deux

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State Preview Part Deux

2016-17 Record: 15-12 (5-9 Big Ten)

Last Meeting: 67-66 Ohio State Win - January 18th

Remember when Ohio State came into Lincoln back in January?

Let me give you a refresher.

The Huskers were ahead of the Buckeyes 66 to 65 with 1.9 seconds left in the game. Ohio State then, intelligently, took a timeout. While guarding for the inbound, Ed Morrow Jr. gets juked onto his keister, and C.J. Jackson inbounds it to Mark Loving who makes the layup for the win. That lone juke opened up Loving for the win.

That last second loss became what was the center of a six game losing skid for the Huskers.

Since then the Buckeyes have gone 3-5 in conference play. They’ve lost to Northwestern, Iowa, Maryland (twice), and Michigan State. Northwestern being their one close loss. All other defeats were all sat fairly well in the victors favor. Their three wins have been against Minnesota, Michigan, and Rutgers.

They Buckeyes about in the middle of the conference in just about every major statistical category for the year. Right now they sit at 7th in scoring offense, 9th in scoring defense, 10th in free throws, and 5th in scoring percentage. I bring these up because the Buckeyes seem to be the most middle of the road team in the Big Ten.

Yes, in the year where mediocrity has seemed to take over a majority of the conference.

Could they very well have won some of these games? Yes, they very well could have but they also could have done enough to lose all of the games they won. That is with exception to Rutgers. They weren’t going to lose to Rutgers...

Jae’Sean Tate and Marc Loving are both still leading this Buckeye Squad. Tate with 14 ppg and Loving with 12.6. Both scored double digits against Nebraska in the first game and were thorns in the side the entire game. Loving will still be a threat as it looks like Isaiah Roby is still 50/50 for play on Saturday and we will have to rely on Michael Jacobson and Jordy Tishimanga to contain.

Right now, the Buckeyes on the outside looking into the NCAA Tournament. They will either have to win out or do something big in the Big Ten Tournament to get in at this point. It is safe to say they are most likely headed for a second year in the NIT Tournament. After Nebraska they have Wisconsin at home, Penn State on the road, and then they finish the regular season with Indiana back home. All games they could possibly win, or quite possibly lose.

The game in Columbus Saturday night against the Huskers will be an interesting one. Right now, either team could come away with this win.