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Wednesday’s Flakes: Nebrasketball Fun & Huskers Safety Coach Bob Elliott’s Style

The morning links are still smiling over last night’s basketball game.

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! Jill is currently on the 24-hour DL with a stomach bug she attained in a deal with Chicago for a PTBNL, so I’m pinch hitting for the Flakes this morning.

It was a pretty nice win for Nebrasketball last night. Not only did the offense look comfortable, Jordy Tshimanga looked like a guy that should be All-B1G sometime in his career. He obviously won’t be that great every game here on in, but if Nebraska gets an effort like that from him every night, they will win more games than not.

Of course, it also helps that Penn State hit 20% from 3 point land (4-20). That’s the lowest percentage from 3 point land from a Nebraska opponent since Mary shot 18% in the second game this season.

We’ll see if this carries over against an Ohio State team clinging to dear life to any chance of a NCAA bid in Columbus. If Nebraska can win that one, who knows about a NIT bid, which even at .500 after the Big Ten Tournament, the Huskers can get due to a hard strength of schedule.

- If you are interested in the type of coach new Huskers safety coach Bob Elliott is, check out this video from a few years ago at Notre Dame.

I understand that he’s a little older and has had health issues lately, but if he can come close to that energy teaching while guys like Donte’ Williams bring more energy, I think he’ll be fine.

- A couple of new hires for Iowa.

I guess this falls on the “if you can’t stop them, pay them to join you” crowd with the hiring of Tim Polacek. Maybe I’m just stuffy cause I’ve seen what Keith Williams has done, but the Kelton Copeland hiring doesn’t move the needle for me much.

- Former Nebraska offensive line coach Dennis Wagner is getting the Head Coaching gig at Briar Cliff College.

I never really had an issue with Wagner at Nebraska. Granted, Bill Callahan’s OL prowess helped his cause, but there were worse coaches on the staff for sure.

- Your Westminster Kennel Club winner is...

Jon was watching for this, so he’ll have a hot take coming.

- There are bad mergers in the world, but this is not one of them.

Listen, if the BK brand gets better, especially the chicken sandwich part, is this a bad thing? Nah.

Expect the spring running backs preview sometime today, folks. Have a good one.

Oh yes... Your song of the day: