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Big Red Cobcast: Sell Me On Nebrasketball

This week Pat attempts to convince Tweedy why he should believe in Tim Miles and the trajectory of Nebrasketball.

Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Tim Miles.

I like Tim Miles. A lot. I think he’s funny, I think he’s nerd-cool, I think he just the right amount of temper problem. I think he is what Nebraska hoops needed when we got him.

But now it’s 2017 and he could be seeing the bottom half win loss ratio for the 3rd straight season. There’s attrition fairly consistently and fire flies are starting to buzz around Tim Mile’s head. Fireflies are what I call the Bo-Leavers of Nebrasketball.

I’m new to Nebrasketball and I find myself screaming at the TV on botched half court shot that never gets off as much as I do at a passed dropped in the end zone. I find myself jumping over couches at last second Jacobsen highlight reel makers.

I've given players nicknames like “The Pinnacle Bank Bomber” (McVeigh) and “The Guy That Looks Like Kid From Kid N’ Play” (Roby).

What I’m trying to say is that Tim Miles has made me care.

Which leads me to the question: “Has the passion in Miles that led to an attraction of fans that weren’t fans before gonna ultimately be his downfall?” In other words, are the fans that Coach Miles brought in going to raise expectations? Are we gonna scream “I want Ws” so loud that we get the guy we love fired?

Which begs the question, Can you like a guy so much that you over look a losing record? Pat and I talk about this a lot this episode and it’s pretty entertaining if I do say so myself.

Also, stop making unsolicited photoshops of recruits. Most of you guys aren’t as good at photoshop as you think. You’re embarrassing us.

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