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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Basketball, BTN Leads with eSports

BTN will have a League of Legends esports season, and Nebraska basketball. And News!

Jewish Museum Shows Golem Exhibition Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

What a disappointing finish to what became an exciting game last night between Nebraska and Wisconsin in men’s basketball last night. The game was unwatchable early with so many fouls called against both teams, but as it went on the officials let them play.

Too many turnovers, too many missed free throws. I know Ed Morrow missed those two at the end, but the guy had a gob of rebounds and it was good to see him back.

Another one point loss, though, to the #7 team in the nation. I’m still hopeful for the future with Tim Miles. Maybe I’m dumb, but I’m hopeful.

Wisconsin survives Nebraska in OT thriller - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Hopefully you stayed up for this one.

Huskers Fall at Wisconsin - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska got off to a slow start and never recovered in an 82-56 women's basketball loss to Wisconsin at the Kohl Center on Thursday.

Unfortunately, the women’s team appears to be completely lost. A 26 point loss to a team that hadn’t won a conference game until last night. The loss drops the women’s team to 1-11 in the Big Ten and 5-19 overall.

If your goal was to lay down and die in front of everyone, you’re doing a damned good job, women.

Big Ten Network Launches College Season

We're thrilled to announce College League of Legends is leveling up in 2017 with the Big Ten Network's inaugural League of Legends season! This new league will feature clubs from Big Ten schools as they compete for a first-of-its-kind conference title and a spot in the College League of Legends Championship, pitting them against the best teams from the 2017 Campus Series.

This will mark the first time we've partnered with a college conference network for an official season.

If you’re not familiar, League of Legends is a computer game. LoL is a MOBA - a Multiplayer Online Battle Area. You pick a character, a “champion”, each of which have different characteristics, then you join a team and fight another team for conquest of that arena. At it’s basic level, it’s easy. As you proceed, it’s not so easy. It’s very fast, and there are a ton of characters to choose from and if you’re going to be successful, you have to have pretty good teamwork where everyone knows their roles.

(It’s the fast part that’s too difficult for me. Try playing it sometime. Just try.)

How popular is it? Well, 100 million people play it online every month, and more people watched a stream of a LoL championship than watched the NBA finals last year.

It’s kind of cool that BTN is leading on college esports. It’s not so cool that Nebraska doesn’t have a team. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER NEBRASKA GEEKS!

BTW, to toot my own horn, I was informed I was the first person to ever ask our athletic department about esports last year when I was asked who at Nebraska I would contact about esports.

Does this sound dumb? Maybe to some. I’m sure to some it isn’t real sport, but, then again, you probably watch golf and that’s not a real sport either so there.


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What are some of the takeaways from this heated rivalry game?

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You can’t spell "Indiana basketball" without N-I-T.

Game Recap: Purdue defeats Indiana 69-64 - The Crimson Quarry

From the very beginning this game seemed destined to come down to the play of Thomas Bryant and Caleb Swanigan. The two left the game just how they entered it—-at the same time.

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The Northwestern AD thanked Howard Trienens and discussed the new facility’s impact on the basketball and volleyball programs.

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A lot goes into an apparel contract, including what you and I are buying

Three MSU Football players, staff member suspended due to sexual assault investigation - The Only Colors

The university released a statement on an ongoing sexual assault investigation today

Super Bowl FCC complaints show how mad Americans got about cussing -

Records obtained by SB Nation show many viewers were unhappy with the language used by several Patriots during the televised postgame celebration.

This is avoidable. I don’t watch pregame programming, and don’t watch postgame celebrations.

Then There’s This


Even in 1937, they understand that communication was nothing but a series of tubes.