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Nebraska Recruiting: Joseph Lewis & Greg Johnson Pick USC Over Nebraska

The proximity to home beats the relationship.

David McGee/CN

Joseph Lewis loved Nebraska. He visited three times.

Greg Johnson loved Donte’ Williams and considered Nebraska when both left Arizona.

In the end, being close to home and playing at USC beats out the relationships for the Nebraska coaching staff.

Nebraska and USC will give Lewis and Johnson the chance to play right away, and being just a few miles from home.

Don’t fault Nebraska on Lewis. They did everything they could in this, and Lewis himself stated that it was hard to tell Nebraska no thanks.

As far as Johnson is concerned, Nebraska only got into it due to Donte Williams being hired.

It’s disappointing that the Huskers didn’t close one or the other. I still honestly thought they’d split up, Nebraska be damned. Obviously, wrong on that one I am.

Michael Onyemaobi said no thanks to the Huskers too, as he chose TCU. Not many will remember him.

It’s alright though, honestly. Nebraska did everything they could with Lewis.