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The Trade of the Century

Tommie Frazier Traded to Creighton for ‘Ol Creigh Aysker

NCAA Basketball: North Dakota at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking news from Omaha and Lincoln took place this past Tuesday evening, when a trade was announced between Creighton and Nebraska. It seems that Creighton has traded Century Link Center Goodwill Ambassador and wavering Jaysker, "Ol Creigh J Aysker" to Nebraska.

In return, the Jays will receive former Husker quarterback and "Jaysker Since Tuesday Evening Tommie Frazier". Frazier was seen on TV by many at the Century Link Center this past Tuesday evening proudly sporting his quarterzip fake sweatervest - still with tags on in case he changes his mind - giving a big thumbs up to everyone in the state except Scott Frost.

The trade sent waves through the state, as previous Jaysker Ambassador "Ol Creigh" has been wavering in his support for the Bluejays for quite some time now, and reports indicate he may have questioned his allegiance for a while. "He never seemed to care about Creighton games - he just went for the cheesecrumble bowls and mimosas, and he didn't even know the players names," said longtime Jaybacker Carl Nelson. "I mean, ever since Doug left, I can't quite remember the players' names either, but I guess that doesn't matter - go Jays!"

Creighton fans showing up in full force against North Dakota on Thursday

Most fans in the 15,000+ reported at the North Dakota game at Century Link Center (pictured) were huddled in the hallways talking amongst themselves talking about the hiring of Scott Frost this past week. Excitement abounded for the Frost hire. "We're back!", "Frost was the best QB we've had", "He'll get us back to National Championships!".

It was at this time, Frazier overheard such talk. Quickly, he had enough. Frazier went to the Bluejays Fanshop and picked out the bluest top and bottoms he could find, went to one of the cement restrooms and became a Jaysker. Or maybe just a Jay. It is not certain at this time.

We caught up with Ol Creigh, who was in the middle of penning a letter to Touchdown Tommie Frazier, letting him know some of the "do's and don'ts" for fans at the Century Link, since Frazier is a rather new Creighton fan - wouldn't want to misstep and get off on the wrong foot. Upon completion, Ol Creigh gave us at CornNation a copy of the letter for publication.

DMX knew....something was up

Dear Touchdown Tommie,

Hello. I would like to handoff the Jaysker baton to welcome you, Touchdown Tommie Frazier, as the official Jaysker Ambassador of Creighton Bluejay basketball. It has quite a nice ring to it. There are many responsibilities and decorum that must be known and followed in this role. As a gentleman and a fan of yours - I still think you should have won that Heisman Trophy in 1995 - I wanted to jot down some notes for you.

  • It looks like you are already familiar with the appropriate attire. Your fake sweatervest 1/4 zip that you just bought will work well. If you are coming from work, a snazzy button down with khakis or even slacks are a nice touch.
  • You'll be doing a lot of visiting and handshaking, so make sure you have some breath mints.
  • There is a password for each game to get inside the LexusClub. For example, in November, for every game, the password was "Pleated pants".
  • Hallway Frisbee Golf starts each home game on Concourse B approximately 2 hours before tipoff, and wraps up at about the U16 timeout after halftime. It's a fun way to pass the time instead of watching the boring first half. That's why there are so many empty seats.
  • For all games starting before 2pm, there will be a "Mimosa Magic Machine" in Concourse A. This is always fun, and you should make an appearance.
  • You will find many gentlemen that smell like they put a bit too much "Obsession" cologne on before the game. That's OK, and just ignore it, because it makes them feel like it's back in your football days of the 1990's.
  • If anyone asks how the crowd was at the game, always tell them: "18, was a sellout!" in an excited fashion, as that is the proper script.
  • For free drinks, you will have no problem in the LexusClub. Bring along a few VHS tapes of games, tell a couple national title stories, and you'll be set.
  • You'll need a nice pair of wing tips to wear with your khakis, slacks, or jeans. I've left a couple 20% off coupons for Jerry Ryan's Gentleman's Apparel.
  • Just remember that it's "Bluejays", and not "Blue Jays". Some fans get awfully feisty about this. Quite honestly, many others also don't even know that this is the case. Do whatever you like here.

While not completely encompassing, treat this as a "Starter List for Jayskers". Good luck with your new team.

Your friend,

‘Ol C

‘Ol Creigh will be replacing Matt Davison for the remaining 2017-18 season next to Kent Pavelka, The Patron Saint of Nebrasketball.